The EFT Guild Events Calendar

Listed here are our trainings, support groups, themed groups 

Year: 2019

1January, 2019
Jan 07 Daisy Coordinators meeting
Jan 07 TTT and/or EFT?
Jan 08 Mentoring with Gwyneth
Jan 09 Our Blossoming Businesses
Jan 15 Ask Ann Adams
Jan 15 The Power of Intention
Jan 21 Support Group with Lorna
Jan 25 Meridian Energy Workshop
Jan 26 The EFT Gathering
Jan 28 Kris Ferraro Workshop
Feb 03 Silent Tapping
Feb 05 Mentoring with Gwyneth
Feb 10 Heather's Laugh In
Feb 10 Silent Tapping
Feb 12 EFT for Animals
Feb 13 Our Blossoming Businesses
Feb 17 Silent Tapping
Feb 18 Breaking Free from Sugar
Feb 19 EFT for Animals
Feb 24 Silent Tapping
Feb 25 Support Group with Lorna
Feb 27 The Unseen with Anne Ryan
Feb 28 Tapping for A Healthy Weight & Body
Mar 03 Silent Tapping
Mar 05 EFT for Animals
Mar 07 Tapping for A Healthy Weight & Body
Mar 07 The Power of Intention
Mar 10 Heather's Laugh In
Mar 10 Silent Tapping
Mar 12 Mentoring with Gwyneth
Mar 13 Our Blossoming Businesses
Mar 15 Mentoring with Jondi
Mar 17 Silent Tapping
Mar 18 Creating Great Videos
Mar 20 The Unseen with Anne Ryan
Mar 21 Tapping for A Healthy Weight & Body
Mar 26 Intuition and Career
Apr 02 Case Study Support
Apr 02 Receiving Abundance
Apr 03 Healing Our Parts
Apr 09 Mentoring with Gwyneth
Apr 10 Healing Our Parts
Apr 10 Our Blossoming Businesses
Apr 11 Intuition & Relationships
Apr 14 Heather's Laugh In
Apr 15 Support Group with Lorna
Apr 17 Healing Our Parts
Apr 23 Daisy Chain Three
Apr 24 Healing Our Parts
Apr 25 Mentoring with Deborah
May 07 Intuition & Personal Life
May 09 Practitioner Self-Care
May 12 Heather's Laugh In
May 13 Case Study Support
May 13 Daisy Coordinators meeting
May 14 EFT Dreamwork
May 16 Receiving Abundance
May 20 Support Group with Lorna
May 21 Angel Committees
May 22 Mentoring with Gwyneth
May 28 Mentoring with Deborah
May 30 Practitioner Self-Care
Jun 06 Practitioner Self-Care
Jun 09 Heather's Laugh In
Jun 11 Receiving Abundance
Jun 12 Our Blossoming Businesses
Jun 13 Practitioner Self-Care
Jun 17 Mentoring with Deborah
Jun 17 Support Group with Lorna
Jun 18 Finding Your Type
Jun 20 Unsolvable Problems
Jun 24 Moon Talk
Jun 27 Practitioner Self-Care
Jun 27 Unsolvable Problems
Jun 28 Case Study Support
Jul 03 Political Tapping
Jul 10 Our Blossoming Businesses Finale
Jul 14 Heather's Laugh In
Jul 16 The Lake of Love
Jul 17 Mentoring with Gwyneth
Jul 18 Practitioner Self-Care
Jul 19 The Lake of Love
Jul 22 Support Group with Lorna
Jul 25 Moon Talk
Aug 06 Q&A with Jondi
Aug 26 Support Group with Lorna
Aug 26 Q&A with Jondi
Aug 27 Moon Talk
Sep 04 Certification?
Sep 09 Daisy Coordinators meeting
Sep 12 Level One EFT Training London
Sep 16 Level One EFT Training London
Sep 17 Mentoring with Deborah
Sep 23 Support Group with Lorna
Sep 24 Earth with Moon
Sep 25 Tap into Your Divine Power
Sep 25 Certification?
Oct 01 Moon Talk
Oct 15 Earth with Moon
Oct 21 Mentoring with Deborah
Oct 23 Healing the Body
Oct 28 Support Group with Lorna
Nov 04 Moon - Intention Tapping
Nov 05 Moon Talk
Nov 06 Tapping for a Fulfilling Life
Nov 10 Daisy Chain Six
Nov 13 Mentoring with Gwyneth
Nov 19 Earth with Moon
Nov 20 Mentoring with Deborah
Nov 25 Mentoring with Lorna
Dec 03 Moon Talk
Dec 04 Tapping for a Fulfilling Life
Dec 16 Mentoring with Lorna
Dec 17 Earth with Moon

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