The EFT Guild Events Calendar

There is lots going on so join in!

Signing Up for Our Groups

Most of our groups are open to all members and included within the £50 membership fee. Some groups have a session fee paid directly to the host, the title of those groups starts with $ as in $Mentoring with Jondi. 

If you are not already a member JOIN US to join our groups.

If a group is full you can add yourself to the waitlist and will be automatically confirmed if someone cancels. Be sure to cancel if you are unable to attend because there may be people on the waitlist.  You may book as many groups as you are able to attend.  Even for free groups it is polite to cancel if you cannot attend, otherwise the host may be waiting for you. To cancel, click on your name at the top of this page, select My Event Registrations and then highlight the event you want to cancel.

More Workshops

You can find more workshops, groups and training courses offered by members of the EFT Guild and book directly with the host. 


EFT Training Calendar

EFT International accredited certified training at Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3, from EFT Guild trainers are listed on our training calendar.


Hosting a Group

Hosting online events within the EFT Guild community is a great way to gain experience of running online groups. Any EFT Guild member can ask to host a group for Guild members contact Gwyneth with your idea or fill out the Event Listing Request form.  Those who host a free group can, in the same month, list paid groups.  To submit an event complete this form:


Information required to List

All Guild members are welcome to host events. To list we need the:

  1. Title and description written so that it can be pasted into the listing. EFT must be central to your event, this is not a platform for other modalities.

  2. Date and Time and Time Zone of presenter. Events are listed as UK time with other times in the description box.  Check that your event does not overlap with events already listed.

  3. Max number in group 

  4. If you are using your own Zoom account we need the link, ID and passcode.   The Guild Zoom Pro account can only be used for EFT Guild events and only one host at a time, request  it if you need it.

When members sign up to your event you will receive an email with their name and contact details, if you want to email participants as a group its a good idea to keep a list of those emails. You can also see who has signed up on the event listing. Names are only visible to logged in Members.

Hosts who list free events may also list paid events in the same time period. For paid events there are three options: 

  1. listing only with link to your website where you take registration, no Guild reminder email is sent
  2. people register through the Guild and the host sends them a paypal invoice for payment.  
  3. the Guild takes registration and payment and settles to you less an admin fee after the event

Zoom enables video recording and its great to add to our resource library. If you are using the Guild Zoom account use the option of recording to your computer not to the cloud. Our account gives very little cloud space. Check with participants that they are ok with the recording being added to the library then send Gwyneth a dropbox, or other, link to the video file. 

Do ask for help and support from other group hosts, all of them had a first time and will be happy to share what they have learned. Or if you are technically challenged you can ask someone else to act as host for you and manage Zoom. 


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