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Signing Up for Our Groups

Our groups are open to all members except for Mentoring groups which are for Community and Practitioner members. Mentoring groups are led by EFTi mentors and are limited to 8 people. If a group is full you can add yourself to the waitlist and will be automatically confirmed if someone cancels.

You may book one confirmed Mentoring group per month. 

If there are open places two days  before you may book additional groups. Be sure to cancel if you are unable to attend. For groups other than mentoring groups you may book as many as you wish.  To cancel click on your name at the top of this page, select Events and then the event you want to cancel.

Year: 2020

1January, 2020
Jan 07 Moon Talk
Jan 08 Tapping for a Fulfilling Life
Jan 13 Daisy Coordinators meeting
Jan 14 Being Yourself with Lauren
Jan 20 Mentoring with Gwyneth
Jan 21 Mentoring with Deborah
Jan 21 Being Yourself with Lauren
Jan 24 Self Compassion with EFT
Jan 25 The EFT Gathering
Jan 27 Duality Tapping with Linda Wood
Jan 28 Being Yourself with Lauren
Feb 01 EFT Training: Part One
Feb 03 Being Yourself with Lauren
Feb 04 Moon Talk
Feb 05 Tapping for a Fulfilling Life
Feb 11 Mentoring with Gwyneth
Feb 20 Mentoring with Deborah
Feb 24 Mentoring with Lorna
Mar 02 Being Yourself with Lauren
Mar 03 Mentoring for Mentors
Mar 03 Moon Talk
Mar 04 EFT Imagineering MOAL
Mar 04 Mentoring with John
Mar 10 Mentoring with Gwyneth
Mar 11 Tapping for a Fulfilling Life
Mar 12 Protective Distancing MOAL
Mar 16 Silent Tapping
Mar 17 Mentoring with Deborah
Mar 17 Earth with Moon
Mar 18 EFT Imagineering MOAL
Mar 19 Surrogate Tapping MOAL
Mar 20 Tapping for Peace
Mar 23 Tap with Lorna
Mar 23 Moon on Mondays
Mar 25 Mentoring with Odet
Mar 26 Protective Distancing MOAL
Mar 28 TTT and EFT
Mar 30 Emotional First Aid
Mar 30 Moon on Mondays
Mar 30 Corona Extra Daily Rant
Mar 31 Meridian Energy MOAL
Mar 31 Corona Extra Daily Rant
Apr 01 Tapping for a Fulfilling Life
Apr 01 Corona Extra Daily Rant
Apr 02 Surrogate Tapping MOAL
Apr 02 Corona Extra Daily Rant
Apr 03 Talking to Kids
Apr 03 Grounding with Clare
Apr 03 Corona Extra Daily Rant
Apr 06 Moon on Mondays
Apr 07 Mentoring for Mentors
Apr 07 Moon Talk
Apr 07 Mentoring with Gwyneth
Apr 08 Mentoring with John
Apr 10 Surrogate with Deborah
Apr 13 Moon on Mondays
Apr 14 Meridian Energy MOAL
Apr 16 Mentoring with Deborah
Apr 20 Moon on Mondays
Apr 24 Planting Seeds with Clare
Apr 27 Moon on Mondays
Apr 29 Mentoring with Odet
Apr 30 Mentoring with Jondi
Apr 30 Welcome to the EFT Guild
May 03 Daisy Chain Two
May 06 The EFT Gathering Online
May 11 Mentoring with Lorna
May 11 Daisy Coordinators meeting
May 13 Tapping for a Fulfilling Life
May 18 Mentoring with Gwyneth
May 19 MoodLines MOAL
May 21 Mentoring with Deborah
May 21 Ask the Scientists
May 25 Moon on Mondays
May 26 MoodLines MOAL
May 26 Being Yourself with Lauren
May 27 Mentoring with Odet
Jun 01 Moon on Mondays
Jun 01 Silent Tapping
Jun 01 Being Yourself with Lauren
Jun 02 Moon Talk
Jun 03 Mentoring for Mentors
Jun 03 Tapping for a Fulfilling Life
Jun 04 Mentoring with Pearl
Jun 08 Mentoring with Lorna
Jun 08 Moon on Mondays
Jun 09 Happy Body Tapping
Jun 10 Mentoring with John
Jun 10 Conscious Beauty Intro
Jun 11 Mentoring with Deb D
Jun 15 EFT Training with Jondi
Jun 15 Mentoring with Gwyneth
Jun 16 Happy Body Tapping
Jun 17 Mentoring with Jondi
Jun 17 Conscious Beauty Group
Jun 18 Pearl's Practice Group
Jun 23 Happy Body Tapping
Jun 24 Mentoring with Odet
Jun 24 Conscious Beauty Group
Jun 30 Mentoring with Deborah
Jun 30 How to Daisy
Jul 01 Mentoring for Mentors
Jul 01 Tapping for a Fulfilling Life
Jul 01 Conscious Beauty Group
Jul 02 Traffic Lights for Schools
Jul 02 Mentoring with Pearl
Jul 05 Level 1/2 Review with Pearl
Jul 06 Silent Tapping
Jul 06 Being Yourself with Lauren
Jul 07 Level Three with Pearl
Jul 07 Happy Body Tapping
Jul 09 Traffic Lights for Schools
Jul 10 EFT Training with Lorna
Jul 12 The EFT Gathering Online
Jul 13 Mentoring with Gwyneth
Jul 14 Welcome to the EFT Guild
Jul 15 Moss & Wood
Jul 20 Mentoring with Lorna
Jul 21 Level Three with Gwyneth
Jul 23 Daisy Chain Seven
Jul 24 Mentoring with Jondi
Jul 28 Mentoring with Deborah
Jul 29 Review Level Three with Gwyneth
Jul 29 Mentoring with Odet
Jul 29 Duality Quadrants MOAL
Aug 02 Level Three with Pearl
Aug 02 EFT Level 1&2 Training with Gwyneth
Aug 02 Daisy Chain Eight
Aug 03 Silent Tapping
Aug 04 Mentoring with Deb D
Aug 05 Mentoring for Mentors
Aug 05 Duality Quadrants MOAL
Aug 05 Tapping for a Fulfilling Life
Aug 06 Mentoring with Pearl
Aug 11 EFT Practice with Pearl
Aug 12 Mentoring with Jondi
Aug 13 Psychic Tapping
Aug 17 Mentoring with Gwyneth
Aug 25 Mentoring with Deborah
Aug 26 Mentoring with Odet
Aug 31 EFT Level 3 with Jondi
Sep 01 Level Three with Gwyneth
Sep 01 EFT Practice with Pearl
Sep 02 Mentoring for Mentors
Sep 02 Tapping for a Fulfilling Life
Sep 03 Psychic Tapping
Sep 06 Daisy Chain Two
Sep 07 EFT Imagineering MOAL
Sep 07 Daisy Chain Three
Sep 07 Silent Tapping
Sep 07 Being Yourself with Lauren
Sep 08 Moon Talk
Sep 09 Family Dynamics MOAL
Sep 09 Mentoring with Pearl
Sep 13 The EFT Gathering Online
Sep 14 Mentoring with Lorna
Sep 14 EFT Imagineering MOAL
Sep 14 Daisy Coordinators meeting
Sep 15 Earth with Moon
Sep 16 Family Dynamics MOAL
Sep 20 Welcome to the EFT Guild
Sep 20 Daisy Chain Eight
Sep 22 Mentoring with Deborah
Sep 23 Borrowing Benefits with Gwyneth
Sep 24 Mentoring with Jondi
Sep 24 Self Compassion MOAL
Sep 30 Mentoring with Odet
Oct 01 Self Compassion MOAL
Oct 01 Mentoring with Pearl
Oct 04 Mentoring with Deb D
Oct 05 Mentoring with Lorna
Oct 05 Silent Tapping
Oct 05 Being Yourself with Lauren
Oct 06 Moon Talk
Oct 07 Mentoring for Mentors
Oct 07 Tapping for a Fulfilling Life
Oct 14 Mentoring with Jondi
Oct 15 Psychic Tapping
Oct 20 Mentoring with Deborah
Oct 21 Borrowing Benefits with Gwyneth
Oct 22 Ancestral Energetics MOAL
Oct 23 Moss & Wood
Oct 26 Level Three with Pearl
Oct 28 Mentoring with Odet
Oct 29 Ancestral Energetics MOAL
Nov 02 Silent Tapping
Nov 02 Being Yourself with Lauren
Nov 03 Mentoring with Pearl
Nov 05 Level Three with Gwyneth
Nov 06 Weighty Issues with Janet
Nov 08 The EFT Gathering Online
Nov 09 Mentoring with Lorna
Nov 10 EFT Level 1&2 Training with Gwyneth
Nov 10 Moon Talk
Nov 10 Psychic Tapping
Nov 16 Mentoring with Jondi
Nov 17 Mentoring with Deborah
Dec 04 Mentoring with Deb D
Dec 07 Silent Tapping
Dec 07 Being Yourself with Lauren
Dec 15 Mentoring with Deborah
Dec 17 Mentoring with Jondi

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