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Who Are We?

A guild is a supportive community of skilled craftspeople who join together to encourage learning, evaluate  quality and celebrate excellence.  Our EFT Guild offers practice and support on a pay-it-forward basis, plus events, audios, articles and more.

EFT and Me

Members share what tapping means them and how they use it in their lives. We are ordinary people who have learned how to use an extraordinary tool that can help return individuals, families and organisations to emotional health. 

Skilful EFT

EFT is Everybody's Freedom Techniques: we can all benefit and use EFT for ourselves and others. But there is a difference between skilful EFT and sloppy tapping.  We have set out a clear, concise definition of the core principles of clean, skilful EFT. 


Joining the EFT Guild is by invitation and interview.  Members get support, and practice through our group system; access to the resource library and forum; free members events; discounted insurance; listing in our directory and the joy of being a member of a community of quality. 

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Meet Some of Our EFT Practitioners


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