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A guild is a supportive community of skilled craftspeople who join together to encourage learning, evaluate  quality and celebrate excellence.  Our EFT Guild offers practice and support, events, audios, articles and more.


EFT & Me

Members share what EFT tapping and our Guild means to them. We are a community of ordinary people who have learned how to use an extraordinary tool that can help return individuals, families and organisations to emotional health. 

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Skilful EFT

EFT is Everybody's Freedom Techniques: we can all benefit and use EFT for ourselves and others. But there is a difference between skilful EFT and sloppy tapping.  We have set out a clear, concise definition of the core principles of clean, skilful EFT. 



Joining the EFT Guild is by invitation and interview.  Members get support, and practice through our group system; access to the resource library and forum; free members events; discounted insurance; listing in our directory and the joy of being a member of a community of quality. 


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