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Traffic Lights Tapping and Professionally filmed EFT classics

Traffic Lights Tapping


Traffic Lights Tapping is Gwyneth's no-words tapping for self-help first-aid calm down in times of stress, anxiety and difficulty.  A daily and emergency practice to use yourself and teach to clients. 

Watch the videos of Emma Johnson and Gwyneth Moss - share or download  with this link Traffic Lights TappingVideo and

Traffic Lights Tapping Slides

Listen to the podcast interview with Suzy Glasky for explanation and demonstration. 

Traffic Lights is adapted from TTT.

Video with Gwyneth and Emma Johnson

Podcast Interview by Suzy Glasky

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EFT Training Companion Videos

Gwyneth Moss

The founder of the EFT Guild, Gwyneth was recognised as an EFT Master by Gary Craig in 2005. She is known for clear teaching with helpful metaphors and as an innovator of advanced techniques

EFT Helps

EFT Helps is nine one hour full EFT sessions that demonstrate a range of techniques for advanced learning and borrowing benefits


EFT Training

EFT Training Companion takes you through Gwyneth's Level 1 and Level 2 training courses in fifteen hours of video


EFT Imagineering

Two conference presentations of Gwyneth's simple technique using imagery to get inside the language of physical symptoms,



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