Self-Help and First-Aid Tapping
Traffic Lights Tapping, simple and effective

Gwyneth Moss

Traffic Lights Tapping

Gwyneth's no-words tapping for self-help first-aid calm down in times of stress, anxiety and difficulty.  Easy to learn and five minutes to do, a daily and emergency practice to use yourself and teach to others. Traffic Lights is adapted from TTT 

Traffic Lights Tapping Video 


Traffic Lights Tapping Slides

A Teacher says: "I used traffic lights with a teenager yesterday and it was great. It’s so good to have an easy technique that people can take away and use themselves"

A Carer says: " one of the elderly people I care for collapsed and fell, previously I would have spent the rest of the day reliving the incident and blaming myself, Gwyneth took me through Traffic Lights and it all came into perspective as I calmed down. I realised that I had done everything right and handled it well"

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Getting Started with Tapping - Podcast Video

Video of the Podcast interview.

Podcast: Suzy interviews Gwyneth


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