Self-Help and First-Aid Tapping
Traffic Lights Tapping, simple and effective

Gwyneth Moss

Traffic Lights Tapping

Gwyneth's no-words tapping for self-help first-aid calm down in times of stress, anxiety and difficulty.  Easy to learn and five minutes to do, a daily and emergency practice to use yourself and teach to others. Traffic Lights is adapted from TTT 

Traffic Lights Tapping Video 


Traffic Lights Tapping Slides

A Teacher says: "I used traffic lights with a teenager yesterday and it was great. It’s so good to have an easy technique that people can take away and use themselves"

A Carer says: " one of the elderly people I care for collapsed and fell, previously I would have spent the rest of the day reliving the incident and blaming myself, Gwyneth took me through Traffic Lights and it all came into perspective and I calmed down. I realised that I had done everything right and handled it well"

Podcast Interview by Suzy Glaskie

Getting Started with Tapping - Podcast Video

Video of the Podcast interview.

EFT Training with Gwyneth

    • 19 Jan 2022
    • 26 Jan 2022
    • 2 sessions
    • Zoom
    • 5

    EFT Online Level Two Training 

    Wednesdays 19th and 26th January

    Gwyneth Moss EFT Master has an international reputation for clear, inspirational yet practical teaching.  This small group, max 8, online training builds on the foundation of Level 1 to give you a deeper understanding of how to help others get free of the past and of limiting beliefs. 

    The price includes membership of the EFT Guild and access to resources and support. Please CONTACT GWYNETH with any questions

    Gwyneth has been tapping since 2001 and constantly learning. She was recognised as an EFT Master by Gary Craig in 2006. She runs the EFT Gathering and the EFT Guild and enjoys one-to-one sessions and mentoring. Look at the EFT Helps videos and EFT Training Companion videos on our site and the many presentations and conversations in the Resource Library


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