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MOAL (not mole) The Modular Online Advanced Learning courses that we call MOALs bring you live online Level 3 standard zoom trainer sessions. Teaching and demonstrations take you step by step through advanced techniques.

New Steps New Rhythms

Everyone who begins to tap wants to learn more. And there is so much more to learn. Like dancing there are new steps and rhythms. Different ways to approach problems. New tools to add to your toolkit and deeper understanding of the tools you already use. 

These advanced learning modules are only available to EFT Guild members. So if you have already trained to Level Two equivalent and would like to go further on your EFT journey with like minded fellow travellers, its time to: 

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Take Off with Advanced Learning

Our modules cover techniques and skills to help you fly with EFT and go way beyond the basic skills. You can choose what to learn, pay as you go and study in your own time. 

We have plans for advanced techniques, professional practice and business knowhow, applications of EFT to serious illness and other chronic conditions, the roadmap through EFT therapy and more.

You can sign up for the live trainer sessions or study from the recordings. 

Book Live Courses    

Each MOAL course consists of two live trainer zoom sessions, study materials, discussion group and exercises.

MOAL Calendar    

Study Recorded Courses

If you missed a live course you can join the discussion group, study the same materials and do the same exercises with the recorded trainer sessions, 

MOAL Recordings      

Resource Pages for MOALs

When you sign up you get access to the MOAL discussion group, a collection of videos, audios and slides, plus exercise sheets and completion forms. 

MOAL Resource Pages 

Live MOAL Dates

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MOAL Recordings

Recordings have all the same benefits as the Live events but you can watch whenever you choose.

Private Sessions

To supplement recorded MOALs you can make individual or group private appointments with the trainer. 

EFT Sessions with Gwyneth

Join the EFT Guild

If you would like to study MOALs with us but are not already a member and have completed EFT training to the equivalent of Level Two you can

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