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An Endless Journey of EFT Learning

Advanced EFT short courses bring you online Level 3 standard training and resources. Teaching and demonstrations take you step by step through advanced techniques. There is always more to learn.

New Steps New Rhythms

Everyone who begins to tap wants to learn more. And there is so much more to learn. Like dancing there are new steps and rhythms. Different ways to approach problems. New tools to add to your toolkit and deeper understanding of the tools you already use.  These advanced learning modules are only available to EFT Guild members. So if you have already trained to Level Two equivalent and would like to go further on your EFT journey with like minded fellow travellers, its time to: 

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Take Off with Advanced Learning

Our modules cover techniques and skills to help you fly with EFT and go way beyond the basic skills. These courses are Level 3 standard but they do not count towards EFTi Level 3 training which must be taught live by an EFTi trainer. They do count towards EFTi Further Learning hours for accredited Practitioners.


Resource Pages

EFT Guild members get access to videos, audios and slides, exercise sheets and completion forms for credit on your profile.  

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Resource Pages

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Advanced EFT Short Courses

The Level 3 standard courses below are free for EFT Guild members only, join us to learn advanced techniques.



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