The EFT Guild Privacy Policy

  1. ​T​he EFT Guild is operated by Emotional Health Ltd. The data controller​ and data protection officer is Gwyneth Moss, tel: 44 1943 600522

  2. ​Personal data of EFT Guild members is held to enable the operation of the EFT Guild and the delivery of membership benefits. Namely: to email EFT Guild information, to process membership fee transactions, to create your public profile on the website and for you to book on EFT Guild members events.

  3. ​Members can have a Public Profile ​on the website. Members can login with their username and password and use the Privacy tab to choose what information is displayed to website visitors. There is a second members directory in the members area of the website which is visible to logged in members only and is not visible to the public.

  4. The Members Discussion Forum and Sanctuary forum are not visible to the public. You are free to delete any posts you make in these forums.

  5. ​No Personal data is sold or shared outside the EFT Guild.

  6. ​Membership fee and Event fee transactions by credit/debit card are processed by a USA based company.

  7. ​If you choose not to renew and your membership lapses, your data will be archived and deleted after five years.​

  8. ​You have the right to access all data held and to request deletion of any or all data. However it will not be possible to have an active membership if all data is deleted.

  9. The data processor for the EFT Guild is Wild Apricot a Canadian company. Canada is a country which meets the EU adequacy findings for data processors.

  10. The email group for EFT Guild communication is a googlegroup provided by Google. Members can unsubscribe from this group at any time.

  11. The EFT Guild website uses Google Analytics which utilises cookies

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