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Members of the EFT Guild who are also EFTi Mentors

Mentoring in the EFT Guild

The EFT Guild provides opportunities for both individual and group mentoring. Mentoring helps you to reflect on your practice and learn from what you do. Mentors and Mentees should read Gwyneth's article about the process and benefits of Mentoring and 'Miracle after Mentoring by Enid Welford.

Mentoring for Practitioners    and   Miracle after Mentoring

Individual mentoring gives the ability to develop a relationship with your mentor and to go into depth with client cases and your professional development.  Contact each mentor to find their rates and services.

To maintain accreditation with EFT International, six hours of mentoring per year with an approved mentor in a group of eight or less  is required. Here are the EFT Guild members who are EFTi approved mentors. EFT Guild group mentoring is not accepted as mentoring for certification by EFTi trainers.

For Community and Practitioner members, group mentoring is included within your Guild membership. We ask that you not book more than one mentoring session per month. If a group is full, add your name to the waitlist and if someone cancels you will be automatically added to the group list and notified by email. If you are no longer able to attend a session you have booked, it is essential that you cancel so that someone else can have your place. Click on your name a the top of the screen to access your profile, go to edit and the events tap to cancel.




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