Modular Online Advanced Learning

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What are MOAL courses?

EFT trainers Gwyneth Moss and Deborah Sampson have designed a program of Modular Online Advanced Learning in EFT open to all members of the EFT Guild. 

Each Modular Online Advanced Learning (MOAL) course features:

  • two 90 min trainer sessions by zoom video conference
  • access to video recordings of the live trainer sessions for later review
  • exercises to complete in pairs between the two trainer sessions
  • feedback form to record your experience and learning
  • access to webpage with supporting materials and presentations
  • forum for trainer questions and group discussions

MOALs are open to all members of the EFT Guild.  Each topic completed will be listed on your public profile as 'Has Completed Advanced Training Topics'.

There is a fee of £60 for each live module and £40 for recorded. 

MOAL Dates

  • No upcoming events

MOAL Recordings

MOAL Resource and Discussion Pages

When you purchase a live or recorded MOAL you are added to the study group and gain access to the resources and discussion group for that module. 

MoodLines MOAL

Do you ever find that either your client won't stop talking or says almost nothing? Do you get lost in what happened when? Or spend too much time talking and not enough tapping? Here are two visual techniques to quickly get to what its all about.

MoodLines Resources       MoodLines Discussion

EFT Imagineering MOAL

Using Imagination and imagery as the translator between body speak of symptoms and verbal language of the mind to get tapping into painless physical conditions.

EFT Imagineering MOAL Resources         EFT Imagineering Discussion

Protective Distancing MOAL

Developed by Gwyneth Moss to avoid overwhelm when an intense memory comes up, the 'Boxes' technique is also brilliant for the secret guilts that underly self-sabotage. 

Protective Distancing Resources         Protective Distancing Discussion

Surrogate Tapping MOAL

Surrogate Tapping is an invitation to healing with EFT sent across time and space. Learn the effective and ethical 3:2:1 protocol for distance work to help animals, children and grown ups

Surrogate Tapping Resources          Surrogate Tapping Discussion

Meridian Energy MOAL 

We can use EFT skilfully and effectively without knowing anything about the meridians and Traditional Chinese Medicine. This module is an introduction that explains why we tap where we tap and what is happening when we tap.

Meridian Energy Resources    Meridian Energy Discussion

    More MOALs Coming Soon

    • Professional Practice
    • Process and Context
    • Surrogate Tapping
    • Family Work
    • Protective Distancing
    • Tapping, Trauma and the Brain
    • EFT and Serious Illness
    • Using Props and Toys

    More MOALs Coming Soon

    • Professional Practice
    • EFT Navigation
    • Family Work
    • Tapping, Trauma and the Brain
    • EFT and Serious Illness
    • Using Props and Toys
    • Duality Tapping

    Study MOAL Recordings

    Recordings and materials of previously delivered modules are available to purchase.

    MOAL Recordings

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    If you would like to study MOALs with us but are not already a member and have completed EFT training to the equivalent of Level Two you can

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    EFTI (AAMET) Disclaimer

    The EFT Guild is a community of learning and support and is not a certification or accreditation body. This training has been designed to align with the current EFTi (AAMET) Level Three syllabus and is delivered by EFTi Accredited Certified EFT Master Trainers.

    Each MOAL counts as four hours EFTi further learning credit for continuing professional development, however EFTi does not accept online training as certified for accreditation and these modules do not count towards EFTi Advanced Practitioner certification. EFTi certification requires in-person training.

    Completion of MOALs will be listed on your EFT Guild profile as 'Has Completed Advanced Training topics'


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