Duality Quadrants - Recorded

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DUALITY BALANCING USING QUADRANTS Linda Wood was inspired to add tapping to the Mental Unification technique of Leslie Temple Thurston. Tapping magnifies the power of the technique. The flow of consciousness has a pattern. When that pattern is blocked or stuck, the same events keep coming at us again and again. Once we understand the flow, we’re armed with a roadmap to help navigate to the deepest roots making the unconscious, conscious so that we can balance and clear what is keeping us stuck. We’ll be able to find and balance previously hidden specific events, old vows, limiting beliefs, beliefs that are fighting each other, and hidden aspects of other events that may not have completely cleared ultimately giving us more peace as we flow more easily with life. Not only is this a powerful tool to use with clients but one of the best to get to our own deepest blocks. With this map, you cannot get lost during a session. These techniques are the most powerful ones that I have in my own toolkit and I’m ready to show you how to make them your most powerful tools! When we are stuck we are switching between Desire and Fear and can’t move forward or back. We need to be able to stand calmly in the centre and see both. There is always both and what we suppress from consciousness continues to affect our feelings and behaviour. Part of us wants to, or desires to do/have/be something and another part doesn’t want or is scared to do/have/be Desire > Fear > Desire Opposite > Fear Opposite > Desire Linda says: “The shadow has nowhere to hide” and “The map always brings you back” This MOAL consists of: Two 90 min trainer zoom sessions with Linda Wood An exercise The feedback form for completion Access to resources and discussion


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