$Igniting Connection: Cultivating Trust

  • 14 Apr 2021
  • 7:00 PM
  • Zoom


Opening, Deepening and Empowering Our Connection with Ourselves, Each Other and the Spirit of the Divine
with Anne Ryan and Moon Teitel

Five 90 Minute Sessions on Wednesdays 14th April through 12th May

11am Pacific/2pm EDT/7pm UK Time

An intimate workshop series to support you on the journey of trusting yourself and your connection with life.

  • Do you second guess yourself?
  • Do you hesitate to trust and follow your instinct?
  • Would you like to deepen connection with your inner wisdom? 

Trusting yourself and your innate inner wisdom is the key ingredient to your life flowing with ease, peace and presence each day. We are living in a time where many of us experience disconnection, fear and confusion. At our core, our trust for life, ourselves, our communities and the divine burns brightly. And yet amidst the chaos and disappointments of modern life, our connection to that light can dim and our trust in the connection can be hard to reach.

We always have the opportunity to change this.

Over 5 Weeks You Will:

  • Discover what blocks you from trusting 

  • Bring healing to the parts of you that have lost trust

  • Learn to listen to your inner wisdom and guidance at a deeper level and to trust what you receive

  • Develop techniques to help you continue to deepen your trust as your life further unfolds

You will be supported by the practices of:

  • The Unseen Therapist 

  • Emotional Freedom Techniques

  • Embodiment Practices

  • Guided Meditations 

  • Group Healing processes

If you want to deepen your connection with yourself, your inner practice, connection and trust at this time in an authentic community of supportive people, we would love to have you with us.   

Register Here

Cost: £175/$242

Moon Teitel lives in the Adirondacks and is a healing arts practitioner and facilitator with 20 years experience, trained in mainy modalities, including EFT, herbalism, pre and perinatal psychology, birth work, mediation, yoga and cranial work. Moon has been facilitating deep healing spaces for many years and is known for her compassionate facilitation skills and her ability to create a safe, nurturing space for topics that hold depth and emotional intensity. 

Anne Ryan lives in Ireland and has been working in the healing realm for over 20 years. Anne uses EFT Tapping and Optimal EFT (Unseen Therapist) to help people move forward with their lives. She is known for her strong connection to her intuition or inner guide, which adds a deeper dimension to what transpires when she works with people.


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