• 24 Jun 2019
  • 5:00 PM - 6:00 PM
  • Zoom
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Conversations with Moon Teitel

June 24th, 5pm UK, 12pm US East, 9am Pacific

Moon says: We learn so many tools and take so many trainings. We follow inner and outer guidance; we cultivate practices and approaches and they also spontaneously arise in the moment to meet the need before us. Our work ebbs, flows and is ever evolving. Together we will each share what lights us up in our work right now so we can have a dynamic enriching exchange and leave inspired, nourished and armed with new tools, techniques and ways of approaching our work and also our own healing.

Please come ready to share whatever tool, technique, or approach is lighting you up right now; it can be ever so simple as sometimes the tiniest shift in approach or perspective or the smallest change of technique or language can transform our work. It doesn't need to be limited to EFT, but can also include other practices you weave into your EFT sessions. Share something you've recently learned, something you learned long ago that is a staple in your practice or that you have recently fallen in love with anew. Or share something of your own creation that has arisen from you. Bring to our circle that which has you on fire about your work right now - be ready not only to talk about what you are doing, but also to possibly offer a short demo or practice of your technique. Come also prepared to drink deeply of the nourishment of inspiration and the wealth of healing knowledge among us so that you may return to your work reignited and inspired by the depth and creativity possible in our work.

Our time together will include conversation and also demos offered or practices led, so be prepared to share and engage cognitively and experientially as well.


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