EFT for Climate Hope

  • 25 Sep 2023
  • 6:30 PM - 7:30 PM
  • UK timezone


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EFT for Climate Hope with Kathy Adams

EFT meets Active Hope; co-creating the 'Great Turning' for our Earth's climate crisis. 

Many people, scientists and ecologists now agree that we have an emergency happening on planet earth. The extreme heat that's being experienced, melting ice caps, floods, droughts and storms. Deforestation, wildlife's decline, degraded topsoil and dwindling crop yields. We desperately need a global reduction in emissions. 

This needs a change in the consciousness of our perceptions, emotions, hearts and actions and what better to help this happen than EFT. Many people are numb or in anxiety, fear, anger and grief which limits the potential for change, resilience and well-being.

Coming together to tap for Active Hope we will resource ourselves with gratitude, root ourselves in the earth and our hearts. We will then tune into specific stories and concerns, tap and borrow benefits within the group and so ease and empower ourselves and influence wider change. We will connect with Shamanic wisdom and Quantum understandings of this energy field we can  call Mother Earth and radiate love, compassion and wisdom to all that is Her.

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