Living with Pain

  • 07 Jun 2022
  • 6:00 PM - 7:15 PM
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Living with Pain: Stress

A Discussion with Heather Carter

6pm UK, 1pm ECT, 10am Pacific

This is the sixth and final session in a series of discussions homing in on one of the common themes emerging from a recent group in which we shared our individual experiences of chronic pain. Giving ourselves permission to speak openly about this often hidden subject proved to be therapeutic. Simply tapping whilst talking, listening and being part of an empathetic group with similar issues gave us a sense of release which was reflected in a reduction in the perception of pain in our bodies.

We all know, only too well, that stress reduces our pain threshhold but our underlying pain keeps us in a vicious cycle of more stress, amplified pain. We try to keep going. We battle on through the constant negative self talk; I'm weak; I should try harder; I should do more tapping; I should ignore the pain and get on with my life; I must have a low pain threshold and I shouldn't give into it; I have to push through; I'm a failure; I want to give up; I'm letting so many people down; I'll lose my job, my livelihood, my home, my family if I give in to the pain. That persistant critical voice and the resulting self-loathing can pervade the mind and weary the soul. Maybe it's time to listen consciously to that sound loop with kindness and compassion.

Visit the Living with Pain Support Page to continue the discussion.

Heather Carter is the Guild’s Daisy Mum

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