Finding Your Type

  • 18 Jun 2019
  • 7:00 PM
  • Zoom
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Finding Your Type

with Deborah Donndelinger

7 pm UK, 2 pm US EDT, 11 am PDT

Jungian's eight cognitive functions are a fascinating, and helpful, insight into how we relate to the world. Myers-Briggs developed a four letter code to capture our cognitive functions, but this also has led to our missing some of the key insights about your type.  What's your flow state? What's your hidden secret weapon? What do you do under stress?  Why do people think I'm introverted when I'm not?

In this first session (free), Deborah D will introduce a useful model for understanding your four cognitive functions, share some helpful resources to learn more about your secret strengths, and get you started on understanding your type from the cognitive function perspective.  

You will be asked to take a free online assessment one week before so Deb. can prepare your information fully. If you know your Myers Briggs type, you don't need to take the free assessment.

A second (paid) session will dive more deeply into how your cognitive functions affect your tapping style.  The first session is a prerequisite for the second.


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