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  • 07 May 2019
  • 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM
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Tap into Your Intuition

with Sarah Alvarez 

Personal Life -  May 7th: UK 7:00pm, USA East 2:00pm, Pacific 11:00am for 90 min

Three workshops each £15, or £30 for all three. 
Book your place for each workshop and Sarah will send you a Paypal invoice

March 26th - Career 
April 11th - Relationships
May 7th - Personal Life

Intuition and your Personal Life

How to improve your health?

How to bring more fun & joy into your life

The 4 essential steps for opening your intuition

Simple ways you can use to develop your intuition in your daily life

Tap into Your Intuition

‘Your soul, that inner quiet empty space, is yours to consult. It will always guide you in the right direction.’ Dr Wayne Dyer

Transformation happens when you have CLARITY NOT GOALS and in these workshops we will tap away the fears and doubts that are in the way of you accessing your intuition-your internal sat nav that guides you towards what’s right for YOU.

From this place of clarity inspired action will naturally happen. When you live in alignment with your heart-heeding your intuition, life becomes a dance and there is less effort as all that is required of you is to take simple baby steps when guided and the universe does the rest. Bringing what you want to meet you!

We are brought up to live in our heads-our logical minds, & end up getting in our own way, making life so much more of an effort. When you live from your intuitive mind there is less effort and more abundant quicker results!

Other reasons to develop your intuition:

  • Connection to the source of all that is; gaining the understanding and the answers you need (and guidance for others to)
  • Easier decision making
  • Creative solutions to problems without having to spend time analysing!
  • You will be guided by your intuition when to take action and when to stay still
  • You will receive amazing unique ideas to bring more abundance in your life- business ideas etc
  • you will feel more empowered, confident and happy as your connecting to your OWN TRUTH and inner knowing and trusting yourself not needing validation from outside sources.

One of the keys to enhancing your intuition is to practice, practice, practice! This way just like going to the gym each time your muscles build your intuitive muscle builds.

We will be doing experiential exercises that work to build your intuitive muscle & delve into your intuition to gain more clarity in your life.

* Although I have set topics for each session your intuition may give you clarity-guidance on other topics not relating to the topic we intend to work on & that’s ok. You will get just what you need.

please bring a pen & paper for the experimental exercises and prepare a list of questions you would like clarity on.

Sarah Alvarez

Sarah is an intuitive healer. She started developing her intuition 11 years ago as she had had enough of the fear of making the wrong decision & was desperate for direction, clarity and longed to find her own truth. Learning to develop, trust and follow her intuition has transformed her life. She runs workshops on helping others to develop their intuition.

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