Receiving Abundance

  • 16 May 2019
  • 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM
  • ZOOM


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Receiving Abundance

with Sarah Alvarez 

UK 7:00pm, USA East 2:00pm, Pacific 11:00am for 90 min

Clear your blocks to receiving abundance! (April 2nd, May 16th, June 11th)

Would you like freedom? Love? fulfilling relationships? abundant health? confidence? Clients & career opportunities? Fun? Spiritual fulfilment?

Unfortunately many of us have had upbringings and life experiences that have embedded limiting beliefs deep in our subconscious about our ability to receive:

* money is the root of all evil, it’s selfish to have a lot of money

* it’s selfish to put yourself first, to be a good person you should put others needs before your own

* it’s selfish to ‘have too much’ you should only have what you need

* I’m not good enough to create a career that is abundant

* I should look after myself and not rely on others

* I don’t feel comfortable to be visible

Beliefs like this have created an imbalance in our lives such as relationships that are one sided, financial lack etc. The world is showing us what we believe inside-our external world reflects our internal world. Quantum physics, a branch of science has proved we are all energy; we attract what we feel deep inside. Thank God we can change this. It’s time to balance those scales-Lets open up the gates of abundance to receive more!

These workshops are to help you to become more aware of and clear the blocks in the way of you receiving more abundance in your life. We will also do some manifestation work. There is so much power in group healing and I’m excited for what we will heal and create together!

We will tap, share, do some written exercises and there will be some fun to :)

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