Tap into Your Divine Power

  • 19 Mar 2018
  • 7:00 PM - 8:15 PM
  • ZOOM
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Tap into Your Divine Power

with Sarah Alvarez 

UK 7:00pm, USA East 3:00pm, Pacific 12:00pm

We are all magnificent! We have what we need within us to heal & bring our hearts desires into existence for we are all connected to the divine, that knows all. Anything is possible. It’s not about learning but remembering our true divine essence. This is where miracles & truth lie.

I felt called to run these sessions so we can tap into & reconnect to our divine essence together; Trust ourselves more, unveil our untapped magical gifts, reclaim our magnificence & take back our power. There is miraculous power in group intention.

Session 1: Tuesday January 30th 7-8.30pm uk time.
Theme: Let go & create!

What have we learnt over the past few years? We will tap together to further embody these learnings into our subconscious & let go of what no longer serves us. We will look at what we want to change/create/feel in 2018. Let’s tap away our doubts & fears. I will also guide you through a visualisation to feel into your hearts desires increasing your faith. We will also connect to our intuition for guidance.

Session 2: Monday 19th March 7-8.15pm
Theme: Forgiveness

At times people can trigger deep wounds within us of unworthiness, it can be hard to forgive & release our hurt. Do you need to forgive yourself? We will delve into our hearts & see what we still need to forgive & heal & tap away. I will guide you through a forgiveness meditation to help cut cords of fear & hurt.

Session 3: Monday 26th March
Theme: Reconnecting to intuition and learning to trust ourselves.

Many of us have learnt to not trust ourselves, validate our feelings through upbringing, peers & feeling we made mistakes in the past fearing trusting ourselves again. We will tap on our fears/doubts of trusting ourselves/our feelings, fears of making a mistake & anything else that surfaces. I will guide you through a meditation to open up your third eye chakra-the seat of our intuition, inner knowing.

Let’s move from pushing to flowing, struggle to ease, mistrust to trust.

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