• 02 Jun 2020
  • 5:00 PM - 6:00 PM
  • Zoom
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When Less is More

5pm UK, 12pm US East, 9am Pacific

with Anne Ryan

When Less is More With The Unseen Therapist and Tapping

We have so many wonderful techniques in our tool box and it is a real blessing to have them all. Our tool box is invaluable and allows us to find and use the most appropriate technique for each person we work with and to change it throughout our sessions. We have another gift, one we can easily overlook, and this is the ability to be consciously present and in a place of “being” rather than “doing”. As someone who has been a “doer” all my life it has been through my engagement with and deepening experience of Optimal EFT and The Unseen Therapist that I have seen the magic of consciously allowing space and presence.

During this time together we will gently explore this as well as having an experience of what being in that space can be like.

Anne has been working in the healing realm for 20 years. She uses EFT Tapping and Optimal EFT to help people move forward with their lives. Anne has a strong connection to her intuition or inner guide and that adds a deep dimension to what transpires when she works with people.


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