Tapping into Dreams

  • 28 Jun 2022
  • 8:00 PM - 9:30 PM
  • Zoom
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Tapping into Dreams with EFT

 with Sharon Parker

8pm UK, 3pm USA East Coast, 12pm Pacific - 90 minutes

In this workshop we will tap with symbols and narratives from our dreams, in order to come into closer relationship with them, and to open up to what they are telling us about ourselves. Dreams surface from our subconscious, unedited by our waking ego self. They speak to us in symbols that our conscious mind can find scary or hard to understand.

Bring a dream that puzzles you, or even one you think you understand but whose energy is staying with you. Bring a recurring dream. Bring the dream that is longing to be in stronger relationship with you. We will tap with our dreams and their symbols . There are many types of dreams, but most have a personal as well as a communal aspect. In working with one person's dream we are also bringing greater light to what affects us at a collective level.

Sharon is an Advanced EFT Practitioner living in New Zealand. She has  interests in women's health, dreamwork, ancestral and inherited trauma, ecotherapy and spirituality - to name a few :)  She also loves learning new things of all kinds - like how to run a Zoom workshop :)

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