• 03 Mar 2020
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Conversations with Moon Teitel

5pm UK, 12pm US East, 9am Pacific

Each month we will gather as practitioners to share experiences, challenges, inspiration, and techniques. Sometimes we will do demos.

Parts Work with Cynthia Jenkins

Cynthia will share with us her newly cultivated parts work technique that is a synthesis of her innovation inspired by her training with Barbara Brennan, Brugh Joy and Karl Dawson. 18 months ago Cynthia was nearly in a serious car accident. As she tapped through the shock in the slow time perspective she had an instinct to focus her tapping outside of her body in her energy field. 

"It was as if the present moment 'me' was encouraging the 'me' who was feeling shaken, to easily be in front of my energy field. The words were something like this:  even though you are freaking out, I'm here with you; even though you can't believe that guy didn't even look!, I'm right here with you; even though you're still freaking out, right here, right now, I'm with you.  By now, I had pulled over to the side of the road and I continued to tap on my energy field as if that me were still there, and I started tapping through her points: top of head: freaking out; inside eye: freaking out; etc..  

In a surprisingly short amount of time, I got a relaxation response in the form of a yawn.  And I gave myself the gift of experiencing that near miss accident from a place of strength. 

My technique is super simple.  Instead of tapping as usual on the physical body, allow the 'you' who is holding the negative energy, to be in the energy field around the body, instead of being only in the body.  Then say the word 'you' instead of 'I' and begin tapping in the energy field."

Each month will have a theme and suggestions and requests are welcome.


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