EFT Level 2 with Jondi Whitis

  • 28 Jan 2022
  • 9:00 AM (EST)
  • 30 Jan 2022
  • 4:00 PM (EST)
  • Zoom

Professional Tapping Training - Level 2 Fundamentals in Real-World Action

with Jondi Whitis

Welcome! Please join me for professional online training classes in the new year, a thoughtful and tested online training experience, with the added bonus practice day and materials that deliver:

* carefully paced in-person instruction, to allow for better absorption,

extended the learning expectation for post class for interactive practice and feedback, with other attendees

* a collection of targeted hand-outs and videos on relevant Tapping L2+ subjects

to expand and engage online my classroom experience, known for its warmth and inclusivity

* a copy of my How To Be a Great Detective practitioner resource book

Level 2 is where ‘the rubber meets the road.’ Whereas Level 1 teaches foundations, history, basic structures and concepts, Level 2 is about practical application and sets the stage for achieving practical excellence.

The online Level 2+ fundamentals in action takes place over the weekend of Jan 28-30, 9am to 4pm EST.

It's live, interactive, online instruction and will also feature videos, hand-outs and practice assignments to thoroughly cover the curriculum; I welcome questions and discussion. Those who complete the course will have satisfied the prerequisites to pursue Mentoring for Certification, for professional use of EFT/Tapping.

From the sturdy evergreen basics to approaching sophisticated application with a commitment to safety and effectiveness in real-world situations, EFT for Mastery classes are comprehensive, warm, supportive and insightful - focused on Humans, Being…embracing their wellness as well as thoughtfully dealing with their obstacles, issues…and of course, their desired changes and fulfillment. Because we’re now in the age of T-I-C, trauma-informed care, we will address trauma, its negotiation and resolution. Attendees will be encouraged to examine their limiting beliefs and core issues learned in childhood, as well as the near-universal prevalence of ACEs, Adverse Childhood Experiences, and their impact on our lives, then and now. These topics are addressed and discussed through the lens of facilitating healing and self-discovery, in safety and small group confidentiality. Note: this is NOT to say we will be doing sessions, nor therapy in the online classroom experience. That kind of personal need is handled outside the classroom, by competent and appropriate caregivers and practitioners.

Level 2 is highly practical, focused on resolving real-world issues with Tapping. Using the knowledge base gained in Level 1 Foundations, Level 2 focuses on Tapping’s practical uses; everyday Life events often reverberate from unresolved issues and misunderstandings. We’ll cover pain relief, especially the emotional foundations of painful symptoms; troubling emotions and how our window of tolerance may be easily swamped or overwhelmed and what to do about that; we’ll look at out of proportion upsets and behaviors, their connections to previous memories, and use deeply compassionate observation and investigation with our classroom partners. Level 2+ moves past the basics into the recognizable stuck places of old patterns and unconscious choices. Together we moving into possibility, learning about individual choices and how they attempt to meet our needs. I am committed to being a TIC, Trauma-Informed-Care trainer; your safety and those you’ll interact with is of paramount importance in all I teach.

You can see a complete list of required curriculum at EFTinternational.org, here: https://eftinternational.org/wp-content/uploads/EFTi-L2-Training-Points-and-Learning-Outcomes.pdf

All attendees attending and completing the class will receive a certificate of completion.


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