Roger - Abused and Angry (EFT Helps video)

  • 02 Jul 2018 9:50 AM
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    Gwyneth Moss (Administrator)

    Roger was the second of the video sessions we filmed and as he came up I remember thinking that this would be a nice, straightforward session as Roger is so grounded and well balanced. I had no idea that was coming, it was a complete surprise and we were in front of an audience and the cameras. 

    The session changed his life. He started a five rhythms dance group and became an alternative DJ 

  • 01 Jul 2018 11:39 PM
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    Deleted user

    I've been watching Gwyneth's EFT Helps series and this video stood out for me for the way Gwyneth anchors Roger to the present with her flawless technique as he tends to fly into his past and get hooked there, far too emotional and potentially retraumatizing himself. Her explanations around this subject are clear and very helpful. I have already found myself using parts of what I saw.

    This would be useful for anyone working with trauma (and everyone has trauma!). It's a simple way to explain even to your client how it's not helpful for them to go too deeply into the memory.

    Thanks, Gwyneth!

    Its on the EFT Helps Video page

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