Mentoring with Gwyneth - questions answered. 1 hour video

  • 01 Jul 2018 9:49 PM
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    If you couldn't attend Gwyneth's support group in person, this is the next best thing, with great contributions from the other attendees, too. In this session there were two main topics: Weight, (what are really working with when a client wants to work on weight loss? Does EFT work for weight loss?), plus, how to stay within the scope of one's practice when a coaching client suffering from anxiety presents an issue of childhood sexual abuse. The advice included ethical ways to both serve the client and observe boundaries (but US members should check their licences and specific legal position locally). There's also some really useful guidance on when to use TTT (tapping without words) plus expert advice on when and how you might want to introduce 'critters' and the 'talk about' then 'talk to' techniques more usually associated with surrogate tapping. All really useful and thought provoking stuff. 

    Its on the Conversations Page

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