2015 Space for the Miraculous - Kris Ferraro - 45 minutes

  • 06 Jul 2018 4:39 PM
    Message # 6363404

    Did you know that we are all super heroes? That we are here to change the world, one tap, one client, one book, one podcast, one presentation at a time? 

    Kris Ferraro is one of my all time favourite Gathering presenters. Her passion, her commitment, her authenticity will sweep you along and open your eyes to the everyday miracles that happen through us and through our practice: miracles for ourselves, for our clients, for the world.

    This is one to listen to if you're feeling down or challenged by others' negativity or lack of understanding of what we do. If you feel too small for the task or have doubts, Kris's presentation will remind you how amazing is this world you have chosen to be part of - and how amazing YOU are!

    Find this audio by going to More Gathering Audios and scrolling down.

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