Duality Technique: Linda Wood's road map for self tapping. 1hour.

  • 01 Jul 2018 4:29 PM
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    This is one of the most useful EFT tools I have ever learned, particularly for self-work but also for use with clients who are stuck in emotional loops and keep coming back to the same patterns and false truths again and again.

    Linda gives a clear explanation of the duality technique, which is based on the unity of all things: the principle that we are consciousness and we contain everything - the dark and the light - and, of course, we ARE both; we need both, but we can get stuck in denying one side of ourselves and clinging to the other. For energy to flow as it should we need to balance the polar opposites of what we want and don't want, and in her demonstration as well as her powerful stories of how she has applied the technique in her own self-work, Linda shows us how.

    Highly recommended, illuminating and, in my opinion, an essential tool in your EFT toolbox.

    Its on the More Gathering Audios Page

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