Introducing the EFT Guild

EFT is Everybody's Freedom Technique


The EFT Guild is a supportive community of skilled craftspeople dedicated to celebrating and spreading the magic that is EFT

Introducing the Guild


EFT people love to get together to share experience and form lasting friendships.  The Guild organises a full calendar of support and themed tapping groups for members.

Members Events


Our Members benefit from EFT support groups, tapping practice Daisy Chains, online learning events, a library of resources, Gathering audios, discounted insurance and more.

Membership Benefits


EFT is for everyone and reaches many lives through many contexts.  Just like every community, we need to say what constitutes good behaviour.

Good Behaviour


EFT is tapping but tapping may not be EFT. There has been much interpretation and of what is quality EFT.  Here are our core principles of skill.

Skilful EFT


You can undertake Practitioner evaluation through the EFT Guild. Or if an accredited member of another association we can list that once verified.

Evaluation & Recognition



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