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We are a Community of Learning and Support

The EFT Guild is a community formed to enable its members to give of their best with EFT. That means members encouraging and supporting members to build their skill and confidence with EFT. When we share we all benefit.  Our annual membership fee is £60 for all levels, pro rated for a part year, and we offer lots of benefits to make that excellent value.  


Membership Levels

Everyone joins at Newcomer level which gives access to our extensive library of resources and EFT Gathering recordings. Those who have completed EFT training to EFTi Level 2 or equivalent with a recognised trainer will be moved to Community membership level which gives access to Daisy Chain practice groups, online Mentoring groups and our Discussion pages. Those who are accredited Practitioners with EFTi will be listed as Practitioner Members.  Everyone pays the same annual fee. Before you join read our Skilful EFT and Good Behaviour pages and check that you are in agreement.

Discounted Insurance

UK EFT Guild members are eligible for multi-therapy discounted practice insurance covering professional and public liability at both student and practitioner level.  Insurance is provided by Balens www.balens.co.uk  More information in the members area.

Mentoring Groups

Members mentoring groups, are confidential small group meetings for Community and Practitioner members to discuss client cases, share new learning, and further their own professional development. Groups bring together a range of experience, backgrounds and contexts: members thus get support and advice at a small additional cost.  Mentoring groups are led by EFTi approved mentors and count towards EFTi ongoing mentoring hours requirement. The fee of £20 for a one hour group is paid directly to the host.

Daisy Chains

Daisy Chains, or practice groups, give the opportunity for Community and Practitioner members, to practice though giving and receiving personal tapping sessions.   How does it work?  Well tapping goes along a pay-it-forward chain with A tapping for B, B tapping for C, C tapping for D, and so on back to A.    Members can do as many sessions as they wish and the sequence changes at agreed times so that everyone gets new partners.

Private Discussions

Our Discussion pages are for Members only and offer a friendly and confidential space to raise issues and share experiences.  

Our Sanctuary

It is in times of shock and stress that we need to reach out to our community for help and healing.  Our members Sanctuary is a private place online for members to ask for and receive help. EFT Angels offer up to three sessions to those members in need of help. Whatever you are going through you are not alone.

EFT for Animals

The Animals Sanctuary is where you can bring descriptions of Animals needing help and where those who use EFT with Animals can share experiences.

Good Stuff and Gatherings

The Good Stuff and Gathering sections contain a treasure trove of EFT resources, training materials and recordings of members-only events, videos, audios, manuals and helpful articles.  Members get free access to the recordings of the EFT Gathering. Gwyneth Moss's professionally filmed EFT Helps and EFT Training Companion videos are now in the library.


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