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Our Events Listing

Like dancing EFT is best done together. So we want to help you to get together: locally or online.  Upcoming events are listed to the right or see the 


Click on the event title to find out how to book.  Most groups are free to members (remember to log in first) and some have a small fee.

Submitting an Event

Would you like to host a group or specialist members workshop?  Post your idea in the EFT Guild Members GoogleGroups email to gauge interest or email the Guild with your suggestion.  

To list we need the Title, Time (UK time), Date, Max number in group, and a paragraph of description to appear on the listing. If you are using your own zoom account we need the link.

Support Groups

Support groups are a friendly space where you can discuss client cases on confidence.  Support groups are hosted by experienced EFT Guild members who facilitate the discussion.  When you apply for a Practitioner evaluation we will check your support group attendance.  You do not have to use the Guild support groups and can let us know your alternative arrangements.
Please make sure you log in and sign up for each group.  The host then knows to add you to the group and you get a reminder the day before.  Groups are limited capacity.  Another good reason to log in and sign up.

Tapping Groups

Themed groups are an opportunity for personal change and discussion. They can be run as a series or as a one off.  Hosting a group is an opportunity to try out your ideas and to gain experience working with online groups.

Time Zones 

The times on the list to the right are UK times. Click on the event for more time zone info.  UK time is usually 5 hours ahead of East Coast USA and 8 hours ahead of West Coast. This can be different in the weeks around change on/off daylight saving time. Unfortunately our system does not allow support for multiple time zones

Retreats and Workshops

We also list retreats and workshops led by experienced members which have a main focus of skilful EFT.

Emotional Freedom Techniques Tapping

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