Daisy Chain with Reva Rasmussen

25 Jan 2023 3:20 AM | Heather DeRome

I want to share my experience in my daisy chain with Reva Rasmussen. Following Gwyneth’s sage advice to chose a topic that would not likely bring up bucket loads of crap, I chose my allergies, which recently had gone way over the top. I was so allergic to dust I could not tap on my head without starting to sneeze (remember dust mites live on dead skin!). I could not come into my house without violent sneezing fits. It would sometimes keep me awake till 2 AM, until I’d cave and go have a bath and change all my bedding. 

In our first session, I remembered “the first sneeze I ever sneezed” and I remembered realizing at that time that I was becoming allergic to my husband’s books. (I am no longer married). We tapped on what was happening in the marriage at that time (crazy stuff), we tapped on the fact that most of those books were shoplifted (shame), etc etc. 

Reva just kept the tapping at real honest to goodness levels one and two. She gave me back my words, occasionally paraphrasing and allowed me to fine tune her take on what I had said; I felt completely at ease with her, and completely not judged or diagnosed, or any of that. It felt like we were a team supporting each other, and she was just a kind presence, keeping me on the EFT track. 

After that session, I noticed that I did not sneeze much for the next several hours. Of course I was skeptical…. I had bought an air purifier and spent lots of time dusting. Maybe it was that. But there was a definite difference. Our next session was in a month and during that time I got a little lax with the daily dusting routine, I never had to get up in the middle of the night to change my bedding, and I often forgot to turn on the air purifier.

At our next session I asked if we could tap on the ridiculous aspect that even touching dust brought on sneezes and mega runny nose. How could that be? dust is a lung thing, not a skin thing. But I had read in Donna Eden’s energy medicine book that some people are just on such high alert that they have this reaction to dust, and that validated it for me. We tapped on not feeling validated, and on the fact that with having other auto immune conditions that are essentially life threatening, why would this dust allergy be bringing me to my knees? It was like a dirty joke. We did lots of tapping on the dirty joke. …. lo and behold…. I was definitely less reactive to touching dust. I could vacuum without gloves and had not been able to do that for years. 

Again in that session, all we did was levels one and two. Nothing fancy, but Reva’s presence and sincerity and the simple approach really made the magic happen.

The last session with tapped on me being allergic to Oakley, my son’s dog. 

Here, at the balancing phrase “Love and accept” She asked “do you really love and accept yourself?” and, actually, no I did not. I had a BELIEF!! Logically I knew this was not true, but emotionally I felt I needed to be 100% supportive of my kids and me being allergic to my son’s dog was putting some sort of hardship on my son. I felt guilty, and kind of trapped. 

Well I think you can guess what I am about to say… first, after that session, my son and I did a super duper cleaning of all the oakley hair and dirt on the floor. I walked around bare foot and felt the beautiful clean floor under my feet. But then also, I was more insistent, and I was able to do it with no frustration or second guessing myself. When it was time for Oakley to have a bath, I said so. If my son said “later", and it was not done in 12 hours or so, I just insisted. Once it meant he had to get up 1/2 hour earlier before going to work. It kind of made for him to be tired all day. But I was OK with that. Not in a vindicated way or like “Ha well it’s your own fault” I was just Ok with it. It was not the end of the world for him, and I had been reasonable and patient, but not to the point of serious discomfort for me. Much of the time now, I can pet Oakley and be near him and it’s fine. 

So, a BIG BIG thank you to Reva!!! This has made SUCH a difference in my life!


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