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EFT Research?

Is there any research? That is a question we have all been asked. Twenty years ago the answer was not much. Now there is a fast growing, international body of EFT research which overall answers the question: does it work?  Yes, the research shows it does and raises more questions for us including: 

How do we navigate these many papers to quote from the research should we need to talk to academics, medics and mainstream mental health professionals? How do we understand and use academic language and statistical terms?

What can EFT practitioners learn from all this research to deepen their skill and enrich their practice?  Research often uses a standardised and procedural version of EFT. If this is recognised as 'evidence based' are we in danger of EFT becoming sanitised and losing the intuitive spirit that makes a session into something of wonder?

Can we encourage more qualitative research based around case studies? Client and Practitioner experiences bring a paper to life and speak to a wider audience. 

And what about the roots of what we do? The Chinese, Japanese and Korean traditional Daoist philosophy, medicine, spirituality and practice that are still 'controversial' to Western science?

If EFT becomes accepted by the mainstream is there a risk that those of us without academic credentials become sidelined?

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