Intention for Peace - Nuclear weapons - Video

  • 01 Mar 2022 3:40 PM
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    Thank you once again, Gwyneth and all. I tapped along with you and felt your need to dissuade the Russian Scientist with your statement, "You don't have to do this". it felt as though I was there with you! I felt he herd us!

    Peggy Mangan

  • 27 Feb 2022 8:51 PM
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    Gwyneth Moss (Administrator)

    Tonight our intention character was an engineer in a Russian nuclear weapons installation. Putin has ordered nuclear weapons to be put on full alert. Together we sent the intention to our engineer that he has choice. 

    Sitting in gathered stillness we felt his fear turn to relief as he made a decision. We saw him and his colleagues speaking with code words.  We understood that he felt supported. 

    If you were with us leave your feedback as a reply.

    If you missed the live session watch the video and join your intention to ours. 

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