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  • 07 Feb 2022 8:23 PM
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    Hi everyone,

    I was a receiver in the intention group. I was familiar with the book "The Power Of Eight' and I am in an intention setting group for the past year but it's a little different but I'm not new to the concept. 

    Any who:) I wanted to feel more validated all on my own and not needing any from the external world.  I did FEEL lots of energy coming into my body from everyone and Michaeline who was in my breakout room had some visions to share.  She saw a lion roaring which she felt represented ...they don't ask questions they just go by instinct so really owning their inner power...which does go with my intention.  Also she saw my solar plexus so bright but maybe at some point someone said to me 'you're too bright or blinding' which has made me stay small and this was my mother for sure. 

    She also brought up something about the roar coming upward out of my throat and I remember I had suffered with tonsillitis and strep throat as a kid and finally had them out at 25 yrs old.  Haven't had a sore throat since.  But I get that is our throat chakra and if blocked would connect to me staying small and feeling self conscious about fully expressing myself. 

    I do have to say some situations that would trigger me a little now to feel less than enough have softened and I'm more conscious of it so that helps too.  Awareness is power!!

    I know someone else had a comment but I can't remember what it was :)

    Thank you everyone!

    Much Love,


  • 28 Jan 2022 5:51 PM
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    I've been intending to 'post' this all week and especially after reading Rachelle's message, which really brought back all the feeling of 'intention' and love coming my way on Sunday.  However, my husband has been quite unwell this week (thankfully much better now) so things slipped. 

    I was a little disappointed on Monday morning that the twinge in my arm had returned and some pain around the shoulder and elbow - but not as much as it had been.  I met up with a friend that afternoon who does hands on healing and had been sharing my experience with her.  She laid hands on me again and when I said at the end that it was still there she laughed and said - these things often take time!  She had also reminded me  that my attitude to various things going on in my life at the moment would be affecting my body - the theory of which I know but i hadn't pinpointed the particular attitudes in this case  which I did with her help.  

    So lovely ladies - I can report that things are definitely getting better - sometimes no pain though when it does come back it's not so intense but I do stop and reflect on what's going on in my head and have a little tap.    There's a lot about embracing life with more joy and Rachelle, your picture of me kicking through leaves in the Autumn is one of my delights in life.  Thank you all for your loving intentions and I've also realised that not sitting at the right height to my laptop wasn't helping so I've brought in more cushions xxx

  • 25 Jan 2022 12:33 AM
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    I have read The Power of Eight but this was my first experience with an Intention Group. Our receiver wanted a healing for her sons. Their Dad had died recently of an addiction. Prior to the addiction, he had been a great Dad, and she wanted her sons to remember this. She suggested a picture of she and her sons sitting and reviewing a photo album of the family.

    While I was sending an intention of healing to her, I received a visualization of her and the two sons sitting on either side of her with the photo album in her lap. The three of them were laughing as they looked at the photos. Soon they were so filled with good energy that they were moving about the room, talking and laughing about the good times with Dad.  

    When she later shared her experience, it was very similar to my visualization. 

  • 24 Jan 2022 6:09 PM
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    I enjoyed the opportunity to 'send' to Elsie in breakout room 1, and moved through a small range of experiences during the intention time.

    First, a lot of yawning. For me this means a lot of energy is moving through Elsie and old stuff is being cleared out.

    Next peachy-orange waves rippling through Elsie from her head to her feet, grounding her in the earth.

    Next scenes of her moving effortlessly around her kitchen, preparing food with ease, lifting things effortlessly, looking happy and humming to the radio.

    Then I could see her walking outside, it was autumn and Elsie was kicking up leaves, laughing and being very playful.

    The intention ended with me seeing Elsie going wild swimming, so it was lovely to hear her feedback that during the intention she was imagining herself lying back in her pool, floating on the water.

    I loved the space of giving and connecting with others, and to witness Elsie enjoying our focused thoughts and intent for her health, wellness and flow.

  • 24 Jan 2022 5:38 PM
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    Gwyneth Moss (Administrator)

    We had four intention groups in breakouts during our EFT Gathering presentation. You can see the recording video EFT Gathering January 2020 videos

    Please comment on this topic if you participated either as a sender or reciver:

    - what was your experience during the group intention sending

    - what has changed for you since


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