Video Intention Group - 22 December 2021

  • 24 Jan 2022 9:51 PM
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    I loved this intention group and found it deeply moving. 
    In the 10 minute intention part I went into a very deep meditative state which is pretty unusual for me to go so deep.

    Although I was a sender I’ve experienced a big big shift in a knee problem that I’ve had for some time and Tapped about it with various people and had traditional physiotherapy. Since the group session the swelling has gone down and I’m almost pain free. So thank you so much!

  • 12 Jan 2022 3:49 AM
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    On the day I was a sender and found significant benefit to my mood, having arrived in a bit of a slump!! Everyone benefits.

  • 11 Jan 2022 5:25 PM
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    As a Sender,  I was impressed with the "creativity" that showed up in myself.   It might have been useful if there'd been someone in out break-out group responsible for getting the Receiver's issue framed according to the instructions.  As it was,  I felt that I as a Receiver may have received more benefit than the Receiver....but I came out with more conscious access to skills and tools  (and enjoyable ones) for daily use than before participating.  

  • 01 Jan 2022 9:08 PM
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    I was the target in my group, and I was amazed at how quickly my physical symptoms resolved and how much stronger I felt in the days following the session (I am still feeling strong ten days later). Emotionally, I was feeling quite vulnerable before the session. I feel much, much better now. During the session, I could feel the energy of the group, and it was interesting how afterwards some of the senders reported having similar visions to the ones I experienced. I am so excited and grateful to Gwyneth for arranging these intention sessions, and I am thankful to the senders who helped me. Thank you all. I am looking forward to being a sender next time. This work is so exciting!

  • 22 Dec 2021 9:46 PM
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    As a sender, I was surprised at how the intention expanded. I very quickly felt benefit coming back to me possibly because I felt so aligned with the receiver's intention. From me, I felt the intention growing and spreading outwards until it felt like it was global. Several times I consciously brought myself back to laser point the intention back on the receiver. This focus of intention felt even better! I found it interesting that two of the three receivers reported physical sensations. To me, this feels like a powerful practice, and I imagine what it would be like if we all started intention groups. Thank you, Gwyneth, for sharing this powerful group experience.

  • 22 Dec 2021 8:41 PM
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    Gwyneth Moss (Administrator)

    Here is the video from our Intention group with the instructions for running such a group.

    Please do Reply with any updates on your experience and what changed for you after the session.

    The music is Nada Himalaya by Deuter

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