Being Yourself with Lauren

  • 07 Dec 2020
  • 7:30 PM - 8:30 PM
  • Zoom



Mini Workshops with Lauren Rosenberg

UK 7:30pm, US East 2:30pm, Pacific 11:30am

Tapping on how to use social media

We will look at all the social media available nowadays and tap on how to be more confident in using social media

Lauren Rosenberg runs FearBusters, she says:  I am a mum of 5 girls and I am  an international fear and phobia expert based in London and on Skype. I came across EFT when one of my daughter was not well and no one could find out how to help her. Through EFT she was able to regain full health and I decided after witnessing the results to trainin in EFT.  I work with children mainly and coach women to help them in their business. I love using EFT to help myself and people overcome their fear so they can move forward to lead more fulfilling lives.

I felt compelled to write my book "How to Move Forward when the Unthinkable Happens" so I could share my  story following the sudden passing of my eldest daughter, Liora and how EFT helped me and my family and how it is still helping me. My book is coming out on my late daughter's birthday 12 th January to celebrate what would have been her  24th birthday. 


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