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Get Your Ticket for Sunday 12th July

Four fabulous EFT presenters on Sunday 12th July. 


The EFT Gathering began in 2009 to build community and offer a friendly stage for sharing of experience and skill, its been our annual tappers get together ever since.  Now we are online with one day events every other month bringing you presenters from both sides of the Atlantic, demonstrations, discussion, plus breakouts. All this is only £20 for members and £50 for non-members including EFT Guild membership and access to recordings.

Next EFT Gatherings Onliine will be in September and November

July Programme

Presentations are 40min followed by 20min discussion then 15 min break. Times are UK.

2:30pm - Breakouts 

3:00pm - Liz Stewart

4:15pm - Gwyneth Moss

5:45pm - Sadaya Zimmerle

7pm - Linda Wood

Our July EFT Gathering Presenters 

Liz Stewart - Sleep Time Tapping

3pm UK - 10am EST - 7am Pacific

As the new normal emerges we are challenged to find different ways to deliver tapping. Liz did just that with 'Tap Sleep Repeat' over 5 evenings before bed time using no-words tapping to help improve sleep. Liz shares the structure of the event - what worked and what didn't; how social media can support connection and learning and survey feedback from the attendees. When Liz is not working she also does dog agility, travelling most weekends around Scotland for her daughter and herself to compete. This meant having to learn to drive with the caravan...still tapping on that one.

Liz Stewart

Gwyneth Moss - Imagineering Face Lift

4:15pm UK  - 11:15am EST - 8:15am Pacific

What is a wrinkle but repeatedly held in tension? What is tension but emotion? And we have a tool for that! Gwyneth developed her EFT Imagineering technique for physical symptoms without pain and then a student applied it to her wrinkles creating the EFT face lift. This session includes a demonstration so that those who choose to can borrow benefits. Gwyneth was awarded the title of EFT Master by Gary Craig in 2005, she continues to innovate and to serve the EFT community through running the EFT Guild and the EFT Gathering.  She lives with rabbits, enjoys building websites and is a social media recluse!

Gwyneth Moss

Sadaya Zimmerle - Mental Health

5:45pm UK - 12:45pm EST - 9:45am Pacific

'Don't go where you don't belong' is one of the founding principles of EFT and severe and chronic mental health conditions such as bipolar disorder, borderline personality disorder, schizophrenia and other psychotic disorders is where most of us would feel we do not belong. Sadaya is a licensed clinical social worker who would like to share what she has learned from bringing EFT to her caseload at a government run county mental health clinic..  She would like to shed some light on how it is the same and how it is different compared to sharing EFT with anyone else.  Sadaya also teaches Yoga, Pilates and Zumba.

Sadaya Zimmerle

Linda Wood - Living in Transition

7pm UK - 2pm EST - 11am Pacific

Our world is changing and we are all facing many challenges. Linda will focus on showing us how to address the overwhelming anxieties and massive fears with EFT. How do I find the words? How do I help my family? How do I live with this invisible killer that could be lying in wait anywhere? Linda has brought profound new ideas to EFT, helping to expand the way we can tap to help ourselves and others. She has pioneered All Day Intensives, Tapping on Magical Bear and the Duality/Quadrant process. Linda lives in Florida, plays water volleyball and wanders beaches collecting sea glass and other treasures

Linda Wood

Got Your Ticket Yet? - 12th July

Only £20 for members. If you love EFT and are not yet a member of our EFT Guild then for £50 your ticket to the Gathering includes a year of membership with access to recordings of previous Gatherings, a treasure trove of resources and regular online events including EFTi mentoring and practice groups. What's not to like?


Want to Present?

Presenter's Proposal Form

EFT Guild community and practitioner members can apply to present, please fill out the form with as much detail as you can.  Each Gathering will be on a Sunday with two presenters from either side of the Atlantic, two first timers and two repeaters.

Videos of EFT Gathering Online 


May 2020 - One

Jacqui Crooks - Clearing Inherited Plague Trauma

Deborah Sampson & Anne Ryan -  Emergency!

Open Mike

Moon Talk with Ann Adams

Kris Ferraro - Grief Pandemic

May 2020 - Two

Masha Bennett - Doodle Tapping

Alex Buxton - Crisis Comfort Eating

Open Mike 

Robin Bilazarian - Quelling Pain

Linda Wood - A Bigger Picture

May 2020 - Three

Gwyneth Moss - Projection Tapping

Ulf & Gunilla - The Trauma That Lies Ahead

Robin Friedman - Uncertainty

Lorna Minewiser - Calm Heart 

Jondi Whitis - Mastering Flow

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