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Get Your Ticket - Sunday 13th September

Four fabulous presenters on Sunday 13th September. In 2009 Gwyneth Moss began the EFT Gathering to build community and to offer a friendly stage for EFT Practitioners to share their experience and skill. The Gathering has been our annual tappers get together ever since. Now we are online with one day events every other month bringing you presenters from both sides of the Atlantic with demonstrations, discussion, and breakouts. All this is only £20 for members.  Tickets for non-members are £50 and that includes EFT Guild membership with access to recordings of this and previous events.


Next EFT Gatherings Online will be in November and January


Presentations are 45min followed by 15min discussion then 15 min break. Times are UK.

2:30pm - Breakouts 

3:00pm - Pearl Lopian

4:15pm - Andrea Pusey

5:45pm - Deborah Donndelinger

7pm - John Freedom & Lorna Minewiser

Our September EFT Gathering Presenters 

Pearl Lopian - Quick Image Release

3pm UK - 10am EST - 7am Pacific

Pearl has evolved a direct and simple way to work with a visual memory or image and she and her students have found that it can bring fast and lasting results.  Quick Image Release is a technique that lets the tapping do its work quickly and efficiently. A combination of fast talking and fast tapping helps the image fade very quickly, and it enables us to clear energy and emotion contained in the image without actually having to delve deeply into the emotion or incident.  

Pearl Lopian

Andrea Pusey - On the Spectrum

4:15pm UK  - 11:15am EST - 8:15am Pacific

When a client was diagnosed as High-Functioning on the Autistic Spectrum, Andrea had to learn and adapt. This client found the world around them very confusing and a source of great anxiety, something she could identify with. The client struggled using traditional EFT so Andrea explored new ways to apply tapping techniques and used her computer skills to explain the world to them in a step by step approach. Andrea has become an EFT expert on meeting the unique challenges presented by clients on the autism spectrum, she regularly receives referrals from the National Autism Society. 

Andrea Pusey

Deb Donndelinger - Family Energetics

5:45pm UK - 12:45pm EST - 9:45am Pacific

You’ve done your personal work, but still feel stuck in some areas of your life. Sometimes the solution isn’t found in your life, it’s in the lives of your ancestors.  Events in our family history, even many generations ago, can affect us today. Science is catching up with this idea as studies show trauma is passed down in our DNA from one generation to another. Deb will share how she uses tapping, intuition and insights from Family Constellations to energetically address events from the past to help people fit into their lives here and now.


Deb Donndelinger

John & Lorna - Research Update

7pm UK - 2pm EST - 11am Pacific

Do you ever hear? “That sounds very nice …… but is there any research on this stuff?” Yes, there is! EFT is an evidence-based practice, and a growing body of research is documenting its effectiveness. We will review the evidence for EFT and TFT, discuss which conditions EFT works best for, and what the research is telling us about EFT and ourselves. Understanding the research, what it says and doesn’t say, will give you greater understanding of EFT as well as greater confidence in your abilities as a practitioner. John Freedom serves as chairman of ACEP’s research committee. Lorna Minewiser has been part of the research studies on using EFT for Veterans.

ACEP is the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology their research page says: while energy psychology as a field is still relatively young, its evidence base continues to grow in both quantity and quality. As of July 2019, over 100 research studies, 5 meta-analyses and 12 review articles have been published on EP methods in peer-reviewed journals. These modalities have been researched by more than 200 investigators in over 12 countries. Over fifty randomised controlled trials have documented efficacy.


John Freedom

Lorna Minewiser

Got Your Ticket Yet? - 13th September

Only £20 for members. If you love EFT and are not yet a member of our EFT Guild then for £50 your ticket to the Gathering includes membership with access to recordings of previous Gatherings, a treasure trove of resources and regular online events including EFTi mentoring and practice groups. What's not to like?


Want to Present?

Presenter's Proposal Form

EFT Guild community and practitioner members can apply to present, please fill out the form with as much detail as you can.  Each Gathering will be on a Sunday with two presenters from either side of the Atlantic, two first timers and two repeaters.

Videos of Previous EFT Gatherings Online 


May 2020 - One

Jacqui Crooks - Clearing Inherited Plague Trauma

Deborah Sampson & Anne Ryan -  Emergency!

Open Mike

Moon Talk with Ann Adams

Kris Ferraro - Grief Pandemic

May 2020 - Two

Masha Bennett - Doodle Tapping

Alex Buxton - Crisis Comfort Eating

Open Mike 

Robin Bilazarian - Quelling Pain

Linda Wood - A Bigger Picture

May 2020 - Three

Gwyneth Moss - Projection Tapping

Ulf & Gunilla - The Trauma That Lies Ahead

Robin Friedman - Uncertainty

Lorna Minewiser - Calm Heart 

Jondi Whitis - Mastering Flow

July 2020

Liz Stewart - Sleep Time Tapping

Gwyneth Moss - Imagineering Wrinkles

Sadaya Zimmerle - Mental Health and EFT

Linda Wood - Turbulent Times



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