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Building Skill and Confidence Right From the Start

EFT Practitioner Training

What do you need to do to become an accredited certified EFT Practitioner? 

  1. Choose your trainer and do their Level 1 and Level 2 courses. This will be live small-group teaching plus study and practice time.
  2. Build your skill and confidence with a minimum of 50 practice cases and 6 hours of live individual or small group mentoring for certification
  3. Write up and submit to your trainer four case studies one of which has an accompanying video
  4. Join EFT International and take the online exam

To maintain practitioner status you need to do further learning and six mentoring sessions each year.

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Advanced EFT Skills

Live and Recorded Modular Online Advanced Learning - MOALs

MOAL courses

EFT Training Dates

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Accredited EFT Trainers

Trainers listed here are all accredited with EFT International and their online training courses lead to accredited practitioner certification. These online EFT courses are also great for repeating, refreshing or updating.  For accreditation trainings must be for a max of 8 students per trainer (or assistant), with 80% of the time in live zoom sessions.  

Each trainer offers their own delivery structure, dates and prices. Contact them to find out more and find the best fit for you. EFTi has the aim of standardisation however each trainer teaches in their own way and with their own balance between the Levels. 

Be aware that if you switch trainers there may be either duplication or gaps in material covered. For example a trainer may include some of the L3 content at L1 and L2 please talk to the trainers. If you are in doubt, or it is some years since you did initial training,  it is a great idea to refresh L1 and L2. People who repeat learn far more and develop more skill than those who rush ahead.

EFT Training with Gwyneth Moss

Many EFT Practitioners and Trainers credit their success to training with Gwyneth and her clear, insightful teaching. Her highly acclaimed training courses which combine EFT and TTT have been rewritten for live, interactive, small group online delivery. Gwyneth works closely with Deborah Sampson whose coaching programme follows on from this teaching. 


EFT Coaching with Deborah Sampson

Deborah's online small group coaching follows on from the online EFT training with Gwyneth to build skill and confidence.  Deborah established a successful holistic clinic and EFT therapy business, works with families and children and has been training educational psychologists to introduce tapping to French schools. 


EFT Training with Jondi Whitis

Jondi says: This completes and exceeds the EFT Training for Mastery’s Online professional EFT Training for levels 1 & 2 class completion. It is my hope that you will not only enjoy the more leisurely pace, but also have more time in between concept and technique models to develop your skills and confidence through practice, using fellow-classmates.


EFT Training with Pearl Lopian

I am Person Centred Counsellor, EFT Practitioner and Trainer. My passion is to enable people to heal themselves and find their own wisdom within. I specialise in anxiety, trauma, weight issues and surrogate work for parents to clear fears and anxieties in their child. 

EFT Training with Lorna Minewiser

Lorna Minewiser PhD has been tapping for more than 25 years, since being introduced to the phobia cure in 1991. She has been active with EFTi, ACEP and EFT Universe. 


EFT Training and Coaching

Online EFT Training is designed to match the learning experience of an in-person workshop through a mix of live small group teaching sessions; study materials; exercises in pairs; discussions and feedback. Training is followed by Practitioner Coaching for those who choose to learn from their practice and work towards certification and accreditation.

Our EFT trainers have years of experience in helping people to get started with EFT and to build skill and confidence.  This knowhow translates into online courses

Beware of Online Scams

If you are looking for EFT Practitioner training then check that the trainer is a member of EFT International

Beware of online only training which gives you no support or trainer contact. The trainings offered by Udemy, Centre of Excellence, Reed and Gateway are not recognised by any professional EFT association and are a waste of your money. 

EFT Guild Training is designed to be clear and practical. The techniques of EFT are taught in the context of an overall process, giving a roadmap for progress and a flowing style.  

The Training Philosophy 

Advanced EFT Skills

With EFT practitioner training you begin an endless journey of learning.  Go further professionally and deeper personally with Modular Online Advanced Learning,  MOALs, through the EFT Guild.  Topics include EFT Imagineering, Protective Distancing, Surrogate Tapping, Moodlines and Meridian Energy. More to come.

Each MOAL is taught by live trainer sessions, practical exercises and study materials with supporting discussion groups. Join the EFT Guild to benefit.

Advanced EFT Learning



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