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Coming Soon - Online Training

EFT is a human skill which is best learned in person. However there is a clear need and growing demand for online training. The EFT Guild will soon be launching a online training programme which will prepare you for EFT International certification and accreditation. Please register your interest.


EFT Guild Online Training

Online Training offers a mix of live small group teaching sessions; study materials; exercises in pairs; discussion forum and feedback.

Our EFT trainers have years of experience in helping people to get started with EFT and to build skill and confidence. That experience translates into our online programme. 

Beware of Online Scams

If you are looking for EFT Practitioner training then check that your trainer is a member of EFT International

Beware of online only training which gives you no support or trainer contact. The trainings offered by Udemy, Centre of Excellence and Gateway are not recognised by any EFT association and are a waste of your money. 

EFT Guild Training is designed to be clear and practical. The techniques of EFT are taught in the context of an overall process, giving a roadmap for progress and a flowing style.  

The Training Philosophy 

EFT International EFTi

Online training is not currently recognised for accreditation by EFT International (AAMET) however a working party will be making recommendations to EFTi trainers on online training requirements. At present an in-person element to training is mandated. When these online guidelines are published we will make every effort to comply.

The EFT Guild training programme does include instruction in TTT Trauma Tapping Techniques that will permit online certification. Our advice is to train now in EFT and TTT, gain TTT certification and wait for EFTi. 

EFT Guild Members Events

EFT Guild Members Events Calendar

The EFT Guild offers weekly support, practice and discussion groups by zoom video conference. Most of these are free for members. 

Advanced EFT Skills

With EFT practitioner training you begin an endless journey of learning.  Go further professionally and deeper personally with Modular Online Advanced Learning,  MOALs, through the EFT Guild. 

Each MOAL is taught by live trainer sessions, practical exercises and study materials with supporting discussion groups.

If you have trained in EFT to Level 2 or equivalent you can join the EFT Guild to benefit from both our advanced online courses and members support and practice groups.

Advanced EFT Learning



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