EFT Guild Training Courses

Learn how to  use EFT to help yourself and others

EFT Guild Trainers

Most trainer members of the Guild offer EFTi (AAMET) training and certification. They may offer this as the EFT Guild training structure or their own compliance with the EFTi syllabus. The EFT Guild supports EFTi as the international professional certification body for EFT.

EFT Trainers

EFT Training Courses

EFT Guild Training Courses

The EFT Guild Training is designed by Gwyneth Moss to be clear and practical. The techniques of EFT are taught in the context of an overall process, giving a roadmap for progress and a flowing style.  Great both for newcomers and for long time tappers to refresh and update.  

The Training Courses

Advanced Skils

With practitioner training you begin an endless journey of learning.  Go further professionally and deeper personally with EFT Retreats and advanced workshops. And of course the rich variety of online specialist and support classes for members of the EFT Guild

Advanced Skills


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