Traffic Lights Tapping - Recorded

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Traffic Lights Tapping for Schools A client of Gwyneth Moss during the covid shut-down had spiralling anxiety which was fed by over thinking and analysing. Gwyneth developed Traffic Lights as a self-help and first-aid calm down for this client. It was so effective that she taught and shared it far and wide. As children and teachers return to schools there is an increasing awareness of the effects of stress and anxiety. Deborah Sampson got approval from her local authorities for a tapping based program to be delivered in schools by Educational Psychologists. The program, Traffic Light Tapping for Schools, could be adapted for any workplace so that you can teach people new to tapping and they can show others. In this MOAL Gwyneth takes you through Traffic Lights for self-help then Deborah teaches you to run the program that she is using to train school psychologists who have never tapped before. This program uses: the easy to remember metaphor of traffic lights a short cut version of TTT with no-words tapping several ways to tap without touching your face suggestions of when to tap This MOAL consists of: 90 min trainer zoom session with Gwyneth Moss 90 minute trainer zoom session with Deborah Sampson An exercise The feedback form for completion Access to resources and discussion


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