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Living Nature's Design
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Instigator of transformation
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EFT International
What I love about EFT? My story, my passion, my vision:
I love that EFT is both a self-help tool and a modality that can go deeper to address and clear trauma. I downloaded Gary Craig's 80-page manual in the late 90s and used it sporadically on myself but didn't understand its' power. In 2014 I used EFT to help my 10 yr old granddaughter overcome her fear of going to sleep in a new house. She told me 6 months later she taught it to her friends at camp so they would not be afraid to sleep in a strange place. I then used EFT with her 17 yr old cousin to eliminate her fear prior to taking the SAT college admission test for the 3rd time. She needed to increase her score by 50 points to be eligible for 2 scholarships- it went up by 170 points! That convinced me of what a powerful tool this is and that even a child can learn it. I then took levels 1, 2 and 3 and became certified. And I trained in 2 levels of Picture Tapping which I absolutely love and use with everyone I can! Shortly after completing my EFT certification in 2016, I was diagnosed with Stage 4 lung cancer. EFT and PTT have been very instrumental in helping me in my healing journey. In 202 I learned TTT and share that with everyone I can.
About my Practice:
I enjoy working with anyone who wants to move beyond their stuck places to be more fully self-expressive and make their contribution to others and the world. I have worked with adults and youth in the areas of health, learning, creativity, sports performance, and business success. I work intuitively and seek to get to the root cause of any issue when the client is ready. I also offer experiential programs to groups where I incorporate tapping along with modalities learned from others and ones I have developed myself.
Other therapies I use alongside EFT:
PTT (Picture Tapping Technique), TTT ( Trauma Tapping Technique), Sparketypes framework, creative arts (like Soul Collage), and experiences in Nature. I have developed my own coaching processes and programs -Raise Your Vibration for Manifestation and Activate Your Healing Genius. I have 30 years of training in a variety of holistic healing modalities as well as continual self-development.
How I use EFT:
  • Self Help
  • Friends and Family
  • Private Practice EFT and other therapies
  • Other


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