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KSD Glasgow
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7 Ashley Street
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G3 6DR
United Kingdom
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What I love about EFT? My story, my passion, my vision:
It works: - gently, thoroughly and more quickly than anything previously available.
So I have studied, practised, and improved my skills... and continue to do so; in order to use EFT to the best of my ability.
About my Practice:
I offer EFT for all types of issues.

I specialise in stress management, performance issues, digestive disorders, phobias, and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.
Other therapies I use alongside EFT:
As well as EFT, I can also provide additional physical support as I have extensive experience in using Applied Kinesiology with digestive disorders, for de-jamming the body's automatic Fight-or-Flight system, and for adjusting nutrition to what is individually required for health and well being.
How I use EFT:
  • Self Help
  • Private Practice EFT and other therapies
  • Home
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