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Penny French
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United Kingdom
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West Yorkshire
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07768 396 171
What I love about EFT? My story, my passion, my vision:
I was first introduced to EFT in 2009 for stress. It completely changed the way I understood and dealt with my own health issues. I was so hooked by the amazing results on myself, I trained in EFT to use on family and friends. Incredible positive changes came about. Initially I began using it on my family around dealing with cancer and the associated physical and emotional issues. I knew EFT was for me and that I had the means to help others, as well as myself, to leave stress, fear , panic and baggage behind. I love the way EFT allows you to deal with the past and present in a safe, calm and clearing manner which free's your mind to think with clarity and not fear or anger. It is an empowering tool which is simple and easy to use everyday anywhere !
About my Practice:
I have worked as a Probation officer for 14 years with people who are often suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, many of whom do not recognise this, which can manifest into issues around anger ,fear, controlling behaviour, low self confidence, addictive behaviour and many other other issues. I never say no, and am happy to give EFT a trial on anything as I have witnessed great results time and again. In addition to people, my Labradors and cats have also been subject to some tapping with incredible results to ease stress. As well as offering EFT to people and animals I have recently trained to be a trainer by Gwyneth Moss , incorporating no words tapping alongside tapping with words, which is a natural progression for EFT evidencing great results where the trauma is extreme or language barriers are involved.
Other therapies I use alongside EFT:
Motivational Interviewing
Cognitive Behaviour Therapy
Trauma Tapping Technique
How I use EFT:
  • Self Help
  • Friends and Family
  • Volunteer for Charity or Agency
  • Other


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