Thank you Jondi Whitis

16 Aug 2021 6:34 PM | Peggy Mangan

There was a picture here, but it didn't show up as it depict my childhood, living with a mentally ill mother. Therefore, I will tell you the story of an 8-year-old child whose mother regularly tied her sister in another bedroom while I slept with mom. My mother’s hallucinations involved my father who was not living with us. She claimed she heard my dad outside the house waiting for my sister to let him inside. When I became frightened, and my breathing became loud, mom placed her hand over my nose and mouth and threatened me with a butcher knife she had at the bedside.

I am a 72 years old grandmother, that has never been able to speak of this until working with Jondi Whitis and EFT. I buried the trauma deep inside, but that nearly coast me my life because of three cancers I acquired from the trauma. I have been working on my childhood trauma for nearly 4 years. When we began, I was unable to verbalize what I had experienced without breaking down. Now, I can share my story freely.

Jondi Whitis has worked with me throughout these years with warmth, compassion, and kindness. I am certain I could not have faced that darkness without Jondi and the skills that only an EFT Practitioner/Facilitator, of her experience could have. Thank you, Jondi, for giving me my life back!


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