How to be a Great Detective by Jondi Whitis

11 Jun 2017 7:01 PM | Jondi Whitis

My new practitioner and training companion is here! 

How to be a Great Detective by Jondi Whitis

On Amazon now!

Get to the Nitty Gritty of Your Upset & Resolve It! 

Have you ever been working on yourself or with a client and suddenly gotten stuck, wondering where to go next? Searching for just the right question to find breakthrough information?

How to Be A Great Detective is your answer. It’s chock full of purposeful, quality questions. When you ask these questions, using your kindness and curiosity, you can easily get right to the core issues and causes that need resolving, bringing you both to new levels of progress and relief. And they work beautifully for self-care, too.

Reading this book will teach you how to get to the bottom of your client’s problems, using curiosity and quality, purposeful questions to uncover what the problem was trying to solve. 

In How to Be A Great Detective, you discover how to: 
• Develop your curiosity & find new ways to ask insightful questions
• Develop Foundational, Intermediate, Advanced info-gathering skills 
• Develop better languaging skills, and your own questioning style
• Create deeper, more incisive questions for your own self-care
• Direct questions specifically for pain relief or goal attainment

“Jondi shares useful questions that beget useful and productive answers. This practical guide also helps you recognize the importance of HOW you ask WHAT question and WHEN. It’s a greatly helpful reference for all practitioners.”
~ Ann Adams, LCSW, DCEP, AAMET Master Trainer

“The art of kind and curious questions is the core skill used in the practice of EFT. In this delightful and straightforward little book, Jondi introduces you to the simplicity of skillful questions. Whether you read it slowly or quickly, you will find valuable new best friends here called ‘What?’ and ‘How?’ and others. These friends will be there to help you, and to help you help others. This is a book to return to over and over. Each line can be pondered to unearth good tappable stuff. Plant the seeds of Jondi’s questions and your own will surely grow. “
~ Gwyneth Moss, EFT Master


  • 13 Jun 2017 4:15 PM | RoseAnn Simeone
    This is an amazingly helpful book. It is simple and to the point and a huge help in not only learning to be a great detective but also gives you additional knowledge on certain techniques and strategies to use on the spot. Great reference guide especially right before seeing a client. It is on my desk as a go to guide that I use on a daily basis! Thanks Jondi!
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