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Community is what we build together

People Make the Guild

When the EFT Guild started out, founder Gwyneth Moss did everything.  As we grow roles are developing to help our community run smoothly.  Here are the people you may need to contact and what they do.  All of these people saw a need for a role and volunteered to create it and run with it.  You could do the same!

Community Communication

The fabric of community is woven from threads of communication.  The EFT Guild uses email, social media and our private forum on this website to enable members to connect with each other.  Contact us at eftguild@gmail.com

Google Group Emails

We have a closed email google group 'The EFT Guild' in google groups. You will be added to this email group when you join.  You can receive individual emails or a daily digest.   Emails sent to the group address go to all members.  You can 'Reply' to the author or 'Reply to All' to the group.  The email you used when you joined the Guild is the email used by the Googlegroup, to post in the group using another email please contact the Guild to have that added to the group.

Our Private Forum

The EFT Guild Forum is our private and professional place to raise, or respond to, specific client cases. The forum can only be accessed by logged in members of the Guild.  Even so, please do not identify your client.  Please post your issue in the forum and then send an email to eftguild@googlegroups.com to alert others to your post.  

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The Sanctuary

Sometimes you need to reach out to someone and be heard and supported. Whether you are going through family crisis or work stress or illness this is a safe and private place where you can share what its like for you and what you are going through.  Guild members will tap for or with you, send you healing, pray, provide answers and do whatever they can to help ease you through your difficulties.   You can do the same for them.

The Sanctuary 

The EFT Guild on Facebook

Facebook Group: our EFT Guild Members facebook group is closed so that only members of the group can see posts. To email the members' group use  eftguildmembers@groups.facebook.com The privacy of Facebook is doubtful, so even though closed, the group is not for discussion of client cases.   To gain input from the Guild on a client case please use the private forum on this site.  Please Like our public fb page EFT Guild see panel >>>

EFT and Me 

EFT and Me  and EFT Guild and Me displayed on the home page is where we can share our experiences with the public.   When you are logged into the site you can post and comment on posts by other members.  To prevent abuse and spam we do not allow public comment.

EFT and Me     

EFT Guild and Me

Discussion Forum

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