The Guild Gathering 2019

29 Jan 2019 6:16 PM | Penny French

I am lucky enough to have attended yet another Gathering in Ilkley . I say lucky as It is organised completely by Gwyneth Moss, founder of the The Guild, who organises year after year the coming together of some very special people who uplift, unite and inspire the audience to go forth and tap in which ever way they find the path to do so. For some, the speakers  inspire us to look at other ways to tap and be confident in our work, for others to just "keep going " in the difficult path of life we sometimes find ourselves on , but I am sure for everyone , it is the confirmation that this "tapping" IS FANTASTIC, IT DOES WORK and we can be confident in our delivery.

I'm not sure who said "never underestimate the power of one" but when you see what Gwyneth has created and continues to provide to the speakers and audience , this sentiment speaks volumes. The Guild allows people to comes you have learnt so much about each other!

The Gathering was fantastic with wonderful and international speakers who covered such a variety of issues including, the fab energy healing ! How bullying has affected us all to understanding how the elderly can reap massive rewards from tapping on the past or current health conditions to the tear jerking sessions of  incredibly difficult challenges of working with Women in Africa to detainees to getting past addictions !

Because of The Gathering, this year the book stall raised over £300 ! Thanks to the generosity of the attendees .The money is enough to put a child through primary school in Africa through the Charity One Woman ! Previous years the book stall has raised over £500 for TTT Resolving Yesterday in Africa. The idea of the book stall was Gwyneths!

 I  could go on but I just wanted to say, Congratulations and Thank YOU for the inspiration , the opportunity and for you Gwyneth Moss just being YOU !! Way to go girl ! (that's American ) 


  • 05 Feb 2019 7:50 PM | Deleted user
    I agree on everything Penny wrote and want to say huge THANK YOU Gwyneth! Your I bet hard work that I can't even imagine brought us all together, experienced tapper and newbies as well, allowing us to feel more confident about what we have been doing, when it comes to tough times. And it will, sometimes, for anyone, I believe.
    The importance and impact of your Gathering on us is I guess, beyond your imagination :)
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    • 19 Sep 2019 11:10 AM | Deborah Sampson
      If I am 8 months late in seeing this post, it has got nothing to do with a lack of interest and everything to do with the great teaching I received and continue to receive that allows me to be too busy to look! The Gathering continues to inspire, to warm hearts as we connect with one another in the flesh. Let's all celebrate in this and help to spread the word in whatever way can to make the Gathering in 2020 a full house and bring in newcomers!
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