Daisy Chain Miracle & Self Care

08 Sep 2018 12:04 PM | Janet Allen

Just thought I would share this daisy chain miracle with you.  Not the first miracle, (I have learned so much from all my daisy chain partners, thank you daisy chain 1) but today I am feeling lots of gratitude and want to share it.  I don't know if you, like me sometimes get so caught up in life that you tap for your partner but decide you are too busy to be tapped for/ you haven't got time to look after yourself, so you let your buddy down by not asking them to tap for you.  I did that and Osnat sent me a very gentle email asking me if I wanted to tap. I read it while on holiday so couldn't answer and forgot when I came home to overwhelm.  Relative dying, daughter on honeymoon, granddaughter to look after plus all the other bits of life.  Just when I needed to tap the most, but I didn't think of me, I had too many other people to care for.  Well the Universe has a great way of getting you to pay attention and it came in the form of picking my granddaughter up and my back going again. Osnat - please can we tap?!!!!  So we did.  She kept me very focussed on the moment my back went and the tears came.  I don't cry a lot so this was such a welcome release of the pressure valve. I knew some good would come of it in one form or another.  It didn't seem to be my back as I was still bent to the side at a 45 degree angle.

However, this morning I woke up straight, and carried on walking around straight for 2 hours.  A miracle.  So thank you Gwyneth for starting the Guild.  Without you I wouldn't have been tapping with Osnat.  Thank you Heather for keeping the daisy chains going.  Thank you Guild members for joining daisy chains, but most of all thank you Osnat for what you did for me yesterday. Bless you.

I'm not out of the woods yet, there's still more to do.  When I sat down for breakfast my back went again.  I thought what do I need to do to aid my full recovery.  Lay in bed, read a book, relaxed, practiced some self care and I'm straight again! and being very gentle and mindful of my movements.  I will be making self care a priority because when you are incapacitated as I was, you can't help others anyway.  Oh yes, and I will remember to tap!


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