EFT Guild - invaluable

18 May 2017 11:12 AM | Anne Ryan

I was joined the EFT Guild over two years ago and it has provided exactly what I was looking for and much more - support, community, ongoing learning, connection with peers and colleagues. Like many others I trained in EFT  and then was out there in the world as a lone practitioner which was have been very lonely and isolating and even a bit scary. I imagine many newly qualified practitioners find themselves in this situation and i am guessing that only the strong survive. Then along came the Guild at the perfect time. I have jumped in an availed of all the Guild has to offer. Daisy Chain (exchange tapping) which was a wonderful and heart enhancing experience both for those I tapped for and those I tapped with, as well as a very special connection within our group of seven. I have attended many, many Support Groups and learn more every single time. Now I run a Support Group once a month and can give something back to others in the way I was so generously given to and continue to be. The genius and beauty of the EFT Guild is that I can be part of a Daisy Chain, Support Groups, Specialist groups and more and all from the comfort of home where geography is not a barrier. 


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