Cutting to the Chase

09 May 2017 3:04 PM | Ann Smith

Yesterday I had a new client. She is seeing a therapist, who referred her to me. 

I like to find out what my client expects to get from our EFT sessions, especially first time clients. But before I could ask the client this question, she began telling me about all of her problems. I knew from our brief phone intake that she had quite a few but she began to tell me about them again, almost as if she had done this many times before.

Fortunately, I didn't let her continue for half an hour as I think she would have done. Instead, I interrupted her (a couple times) to say, gently, "I don't have to know the whole story right now to help you. Let's pick one problem that is really bothering you today and start tapping."

I know that it is common to want the whole history before getting started with therapy. I feel fortunate that with EFT a different approach works as well. In fact, I would feel overwhelmed if I had to hear about all of a client's problems before we could start the healing process.


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