Level Three with Pearl

  • 08 Feb 2021
  • 3:00 PM - 6:00 PM
  • Zoom
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Level Three Training

with Pearl Lopian

Level 3 Advanced EFT Training Accredited with EFT International 

This is now an 18 hour course with six weekly sessions

Level 3 Advanced EFT Training Accredited with EFT International 

Dates in 2021

  1. Monday  8 Feb  3pm-6pm  Uk time   10am EST  7am Pacific 
  2. Monday 15 Feb 3-6pm
  3. Monday 22 Feb 3-6pm
  4. Monday  1 March  3-6pm
  5. Monday  8 March 3-6pm
  6. Monday  15 March  3-6pm 

This is where the real mastery of EFT begins and we start to break the rules!  You will get to see, experience and learn more of the wonderful brilliance of EFT and the ways it can be used.

I am an EFT Guild and EFT International Trainer and bring my wealth of knowledge and experience after doing thousands and thousands of EFT sessions.  

Its great to know the theory, but there is nothing like watching and practice to see what works, what helps the client get to the core of an issue and what shifts it. 

This course follows the EFT international syllabus with extras.

My own ways of working with trauma, inner child, surrogate work, fast tapping, and clients’ homework, 

If you want a sense of my work and style read what some of the people who attending my Level 3 training a few months ago wrote 

"Our first session on Level 3 was brilliant.  Pearl made us feel a cohesive group and one where our thoughts and ideas were valued. Her way of explaining complex ideas simply and in different modalities let everyone grasp the concept quickly. It was a real confidence booster as well as her teaching style is very inclusive I cannot wait fo the other sessions.  It is a small group and plenty of time for sharing and asking questions. A thorough joy………" Jean Anderson 

"Thank you Pearl for a fantastic EFT Level 3 Training. I”m really grateful for you sharing your creative and profound tools and wisdom. My client sessions have transformed and I feel so much at ease to empower others on their self development journey. Your teaching style is so natural and rooted in practice and intuition that I was able to integrate seamlessly init to my practice.  Thank you for creating a safe place for me to learn me to help others. You are a wonderful EFT tutor and your experiential expertise is evident."   Arty Amarisa 

"I have a deep appreciation for Pearl’s teaching style which is inquisitive, questioning and full of integrity. I have learned so much from her compassionate approach and what I call her ‘Pearlisms’, the way she uses her language to compassionately and gently get to the nub of things, I loved watching her demos.” Clare Longstaffe

"Talking Levels 1,2 and 3 with Pearl Lopian took my EFT skills to another level.  Although I had been doing EFT for years just for self help, family and swap partner, I felt I was learning it anew.  Pearl is a natural teacher and an extremely intuitive Practitioner"  Janie Chocron 

Cost £400

Mentoring package - 6 sessions, and marking case studies, £300

Buy the course and the mentoring together save 10 percent 

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