EFT Before the Global Exam

26 Apr 2019 11:37 AM | Nancy Lundy

In addition to my EFT and coaching practice, I work in a private Catholic high school in my neighborhood.  It is my dream and passion, to share the gift of tapping with those high schoolers.  I've had a few opportunities to share EFT by getting into a few classrooms teaching EFT to the students, or if a student comes into the main office where I work having an anxiety attack, I have permission from the administration to sit with the student to get them some relief from their anxiety.  Another place I've shared EFT is with students preparing for the SAT (college entrance tests in the US).  A few have reported that they felt less anxious the day of the exam.

One story I'd like to share is back in September I worked with a class of freshmen English honor students teaching them  basics EFT.  Recently, I had the opportunity to meet this same group proctoring their Global history test.  Unfortunately, right before the exam, all 9th graders were called to the cafeteria to be reprimanded for inappropriate behavior in the cafeteria and before school gatherings.  

Fantastic!  Now these students need to take a test right after being spoken to by the administration for their bad behavior.  Once back in the classroom and forgetting that I've worked with these kids back in September teaching them EFT, I was just going to do some deep breathing exercises with them to ground them after their meeting in the cafeteria.  Nope, that wasn't what they wanted.  A student yells out from the back of the room.  Ms. Lundy can we tap!  I'm sorry what?  Did you just ask if we can tap?  Yes, my friends, we sure can!! 

And tapping we sure did.  We tapped on maybe they were the one to cause the meeting and now everyone is in trouble.  We tapped on how come I didn't do anything wrong and I got in trouble.  We did a round of tapping on great, we just got in trouble and now we have to take a Global exam.  One more round of even though we all got in trouble and now we have to take a text, we're okay. 

I'm not exactly sure if this helped increase their test score as I didn't grade the exam, but to me the success was not in test score, it was the student asking to tap and understanding the purpose and value of tapping.

Kudos to the young man who called out for tapping.

Nancy (aka Ms. Lundy) 


  • 23 May 2019 3:11 PM | Gwyneth Moss (Administrator)
    Nancy that is wonderful! It shows that EFT was not forgotten. So much must be coming at and by these young people and yet your brief introduction to tapping stuck with them. Well done.
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  • 20 Sep 2019 8:37 PM | Deleted user
    That's absolutely amazing Nancy! Well done on you! I feel recently called to work with young people, as I can see more and more of them suffering with anxiety that leads to deep depretion, if unresolved for a long period of time.
    Great work, your students must be loving you! :)
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  • 04 Jan 2020 10:06 PM | Lorna Minewiser
    Awesome Nancy, I know how long you've wanted to do this. I'm working on some Tapping in schools projects for this year.
    Hope to see you in a mentor session.
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