My granddaughter tapped for me

10 Aug 2017 12:52 AM | Lorna Minewiser

This past weekend we were at the Disneyland park in southern California.  One of the rides that everyone wanted to go on was the Cars ride- modeled from the Cars movie.  My son, Cora's father was concerned that 5 year old Cora would be too afraid and someone would have to miss the ride so he asked if I could tap for her.  Of course!  I told her that I needed some help.  I said I was a little nervous about the 'fast cars' and would she help me tap. She said Of course Grandma.  So she tapped with me on Even tho I'm a little scared I am brave and strong and happy.  We tapped through one round, she said "Are you OK now?" I said yes and I asked her if she was and she looked at me with surprise and said "Of course!"  And we were. We did it and she wanted to go again, but the line was too long.  


  • 17 Aug 2017 3:14 PM | Lili Betancourt
    Lorna as a new grandmother I find this priceless!
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  • 23 Aug 2017 11:43 AM | Gwyneth Moss (Administrator)
    That is lovely Lorna and a great way to introduce tapping to small children
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